?Yakshas dominate the Akramaks to move onto the finals

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
The only team to cross a hundred points this season also became the first ones to move into the grand finals with an 11-5 victory over the Akramaks. Kappa’s boys had barely managed to squeeze into the playoffs with some crucial performances towards the second half of the group stages, but fell flat versus the Yakshas.
The Akramaks have been a formidable side in Counter-Strike, an area where the Yakshas have struggled, but Acrid’s team were far better overall. Both Tekken and Real Cricket have been the Yakshas’ strong suit and they picked up an easy 2 points on the back of these 2 games once again. The Akramaks would have to win CS and Dota both to take the win and the fact that they had only  2 wins in Dota meant that it was a steep climb to the finals.
Mithilf rips apart the Yakshas
The Akramaks have been the best team in Counter-Strike by far and they proved it once again by taking down the Yakshas comfortably. Skadoosh and his team were completely caught out against the experience and the firepower of the Akramaks. Mithil has been the top fragger of the tournament till now and he dropped another 30 bomb as the Akramkas took the map 16-8.
It was pretty clear that the Yakshas didn’t know how to play the T side of cache too well, and despite winning the pistol, they lost the eco and were reset hard. The Akramaks held the sites with ease, often without requiring rotations and held good angles, which the Yakshas weren’t really prepared for. It was 10-5 for kappa’s boys when the half ended and the Yakshas were looking increasingly weak as the match progressed.
Another pistol round would allow the Yakshas a few more rounds on the boards, but in the end, their weaknesses were exposed as the Akramaks just came charging through with their AK’s into the sites and blew the Yakshas out of the server.
Game, Set and Match thanks to Appa’s TA
The Dota game was a clash between the best team in the group stages, the Yakshas vs the underperforming Akramaks who just had 2 wins to their name. It was widely expected that the Yakshas would win this one comfortably, but the Akramaks put up a fair fight.
Despite having favourable matchups in the lanes, the Akramaks lost the better part of the early game with their supports not being able to get too much done. However, they started getting into the game with all 5 heroes joining fights. The Yakshas had a slightly greedy line up with a Spectre and a TA and were forced to sack some heroes so that their cores could pick up key items.
The decision would prove wise, as despite losing heroes, the Yakshas kept the farm up for both Acrid and Appa. The Akramaks knew that they were playing against the clock and tried to force the issue. They found kills on everyone except the TA and the Spectre unfortunately and the Yakshas were more than happy with trading heroes for farm. Eventually, the 2 became farmed enough to force fights and the game never really looked the same. The Akramaks didn’ t have the tools to deal with the enemy cores, lagging behind in farm as they had spent much of the mid-game rotating and looking for pickoffs. While they were still leading in kills, the networth and eventually the game slipped out of their hands.
Some were experienced stuff coming out from the Yakshas, who showed patience and experience in a game where they could have lost if they were careless in the mid-game.
Unfortunately, the Akramaks relied too much on Counter-Strike and the 5 points simply wasn’t enough for them to take the match. The Yakshas move onto the finals where they will face the winner of Marksmen vs Sherdils, which will take place tonight.


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