?Yakshas are your season 1 champions

Shounak Sengupta

24th, Feb, 2018
Season 1 of U Cypher came to a close with Yakshas being declared as the champions. The team who were dominant in the group stages and took top spot managed to get the best of the Sherdils to be crowned the champions.  But it was no easy task as the game ended in a draw forcing a tiebreaker which the Yakshas eventually won.
Both teams came into the match up evenly matched with similar strengths and weaknesses and ultimately it came down to performing under pressure and the experienced trio of impale, Skadoosh and Mantr1 stood tall.
Kings of single player

Both teams had reached the finals with great help from their single player stars and Hans from the Sherdils was yet to be undefeated in Tekken 7. He ended up finishing the season without a single loss to his name, the only one to have achieved such a feat. Unfortunately for Jaunty, it was his third loss with all three coming at the hands of Hans.
Real Cricket has been the most unpredictable game of the season and the Yakshas bounced back with a win on it. iBot has been superb this season with only one defeat and took another one to bring the Yakshas 3 points in the finals.  
Freaky pulls the Sherdils ahead
The map pick came down to train which has been favourable to both sides in the past however it was clearly visible that the Sherdils were in their element. Starting off from the CT side, they dominated the first half, taking 10 straight rounds before the Yakshas could get on the scoreboard. Their practice before the finale seems to have paid off as the CT side holds were really pinpoint with really nice crossfire setups and trade kills making for a steady defence at the sites. The Yakshas literally got hit by a train picking up only 2 rounds on their T side as the half ended 13-2 for the Sherdils.
The Yakshas would play the CT side much better but and 11 round deficit was pretty hard for them to come back from and the Sherdils just had to grind out 3 rounds to take the win. Despite reaching 10 rounds, their first-half performance was too much of a disadvantage to come back from as the Yakshas lost Counter-Strike 16-10. A dominant performance from the Sherdils and Freaky especially who ended the game with 29 frags.
Acrid’s Medusa once gets the job done once again
The Yakshas have been the side to beat in Dota and they proved it once again with a win over the Sherdils. Acrid drafted himself a Medusa, a hero that had given him lots of success throughout the season. Among other things, Punk’s support Silencer had a crucial role to play with the enemy team rocking some big ultimates like the Guardian’s Angel and the Static Storm.
The laning phase was dead even in terms of farm and kills, however, the Yakshas did have a slight XP advantage having kept the enemy Spirit Breaker in the mid lane for quite a bit. However, the Yakshas were far better in the mid-game, making better movements, having better map control and just better decisions as they took down outer towers and even Roshan without a challenge.
This is where the Sherdils line-up crumbled as they had virtually no high ground defence or even wave clear apart from the occasional PL spam. They pretty much conceded their bottom tier 3 without being able to do anything and then lost the subsequent team fight having to expend multiple buybacks and still ended up losing the barracks.
The Yakshas then caught out Mamacita in the top lane, forcing another lane of barracks and the game was pretty much over by then. The Sherdils tried a wraparound hail mary smoke play but it didn’t work out and they called the gg. Some very solid stuff from the Yakshas who played super calm and drafted very smart to outplay the Sherdils in the finals.
The tiebreaker goes right down to the wire
The Sherdils chose CS: GO as the decider for the title after winning the toss and it all came down to cache. Having beaten the Yakshas earlier in the day, the Sherdils probably fancied their chances but in the end, the pressure got to them. They started off on the CT sided once again and raced off to a 6 round lead. The first half went their way 9-6.
Yakshas took the pistol round after the half and evened up the score and after some back and forth managed to reset the Sherdils which allowed them to get to match point. Facing defeat, the Sherdils put in all that they could and pulled off a comeback from being down by 3 match points.
In the first overtime, it was the Yakshas turn to come back as they lost the first half 3-0 and had to come back from being down 3 match points themselves and eventually the Sherdils ran out of steam failing to pick up a single round in OT number 2 and lost the game 22-18.
A thriller of a match which had lots of ups downs and moments but in the end in pressure situations, the experience of the Yakshas carried them through.
A match worthy of being a final and a tiebreaker that pushed both teams to the very edge. With this, the Yakshas are crowned the champions of season 1!


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