Wipeout acquired by Diaclastic eSports

Shounak Sengupta

13th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: Team Wipeout

Indian Dota 2 team, Wipeout have been acquired by an organization known as Diaclastic eSports. The roster comprising of Xcarnation, ClownK, Battosai, Pinkman and Deliverance will now play under the new tag of Diaclastic eSports.

In a press release by the org, the team states  "As a gamer-led organization, we strive to provide the players with only the state-of-the-art gear at our training facility. We will also be providing best in class coaches for our players to get them in shape for taking on the national and international stages."


“As a relatively new organization, we have much to look forward to on our journey. We are all gamers here, we think alike and we know well what drives us. I believe this is truly critical for any esports organization, no matter where, to identify what they are in the game for and where they want to go. And we for one do not identify with mediocrity. We are going all the way!”

“We also plan to expand our presence strategically into CS:GO and League of Legends. However, our major focus is on our DoTA2 team and to deliver them to the international stage, rightfully so”. - Jay a.k.a Jaggernaut, CEO of Diaclastic


The Diaclastic roster comprises of:

Syed ‘Xcarnation’ Ahmed
Habeebullah ‘Clown[K]’ Khan
Prasad ‘Battosai’ Nalawad
Shabaaz ‘Pinkman’ Hussain
Saurabh ‘Deliverance’ Saha




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