Winstrike exits the tournament as VGJ.Storm advances

Aditya Singh Rawat

23o, Aug, 2018

Day three of TI8 started with a much anticipated VGJ.Storm vs Winstrike elimination match. VGJ.Storm came equipped with their coach KBBQ after receiving a penalty in their upper bracket match. Winstrike looked like they were on the rise after their win in their first lower bracket match. It was poised to be one of the better matches of the day, here's what went down on the first match of the day.


Game 1:

The first game started with a very convincing laning stage for Winstrike, however, a couple of overextensions by Silent and Iceberg allowed the NA stalwarts to come back into the game. After that point, Winstrike started bleeding kills all over the map.

VGJ.Storm used their gold lead to pressure the map, getting many pickoffs utilizing Yawar’s Mirana. VGJ.Storm also used their pressure and better map rotations to take all of Winstrike’s outer towers and eventually took the base without much resistance from Winstrike. After the games yesterday, it was very refreshing to see a team who knew how to close a game with a lead.


Game 2:

Game 2 started with a very unorthodox draft from Winstrike, with an offlane Centaur Warrunner and a safelane Troll Warlord. But too much was on the back of Iceberg’s Tiny to get them to the late game where they could actually take on VGJ.storm. That never happened however, and the whole team seemed disorganised for the whole game, giving the NA team an easy victory.


Winstrike has thus bowed out of TI8, leaving Virtus Pro as the only CIS team still alive in The International 8