What will patch 7.13 bring in?

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, Apr, 2018
It’s Thursday my Dudes, and you better know what that means. New patch Hype!! Dota 2’s patch 7.12 is coming to an end and while its changes might not have been as expansive as those of 7.10, they did bring a noticeable shift in the metagame thanks to the introduction of Panglolier and the buffs to heroes like Slardar and Phantom Assassin.

I wanted to make a quick prediction list for the coming patch, pure speculation before Icefrog releases it later today. This is not intended to be a long post, rather these are just some of my quick thoughts and predictions on the upcoming patch!
Bring back Techies

Image sourced from Beezii11

December 12, 2016, marked a dark day for those who love seeing a pocket Techies pick wreak havoc in the professional scene. It’s been well over a year since the fateful day that IceFrog withdrew Techies from Captain’s Mode, and the poor hero has never seen the light of day since. The hero, in pub games is utterly horrible to play against, but we had Dark Willow released in an utterly broken state into Captain’s Mode and yet still Techies remains stuck in a tiny cage of his own.

The only hero in Dota 2 not enabled on Captain’s Mode is Techies. And I expect that to change with today’s patch. After all, Icefrog has slowly enabled a number of heroes over the course of the last four patches. Dark Willow, Pangolier were both enabled in the timeframe of two patches.

I think that Icefrog wants to have all 115 heroes in-game for an ample amount of time before The International 8 kicks off. This would be the ideal time to release the hero considering that the next Major is a week away so that teams will have ample time to play and get familiar with Techies.
Changes to the safe lane

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Why hit creeps when you can just run at your enemy carry and kill them over and over again? This patch has not been friendly for hard carries like Spectre or Medusa, not when the likes of Gyrocopter and Lifestealer can dive your tower 10 minutes into the game, kill you and then return home unscathed. A change that could be implemented is to enable more incentives for running a proper old-school trilanes. This may also slow down the pace of pro games where they could focus more on farming than running at each other every two minutes like it was a pub.
Balancing Radiant vs Dire Winrates

In the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, the Radiant side had an absurd 67% win rate meaning that the map is not balanced. Radiant teams have an inherent advantage, thanks to the current meta. What advantage? Well, it’s quite complicated, it has everything to do with how important Roshan is in the current fight heavy meta. Let me break it down for you.

In most Pro Dota games, one of the first moves after the laning stage is to rotate your carry to the offlane and take down the enemies’ safelane tower. The enemy team will probably not respond as that tower is way too isolated from TP points. Most likely, they will take down your safelane tower.

Why the safelane tower? Why not the offlane one? Well, the offlane towers are much easier to defend thanks to many more teleport points (Shrine, the closeby Tier 2, and Tier 1). Taking the safelane tower also gives you map control which gives you access to half the enemy jungle. Breaking the offlane tower doesn’t give you much map control thanks to the shrine.

Here’s an indication of your map control after both safelane towers drop.

Image sourced from PVGNA

The way this is setup gives Radiant a massive advantage as
  • There are many more access points into Roshan (Again Shrines, offlane tower, etc) for the Radiant
  • Once you take the safelane tower, your carry wants to farm at the enemy jungle to deny farm from the enemy as well as splitpush the lanes. This playstyle rewards the Radiant while punishing the Dire (as they are further away from the Roshan Pit).
The easiest way to rectify this problem would be to make the safelane towers much more harder to take down or by reducing Roshan’s advantage.

All these are merely some of my predictions, there isn’t enough space to talk about every prediction I have. So here’s to hoping that 7.13 is a different and fun patch to play for all of us. Evil Geniuses COO Phillip Aram says that it’s going to be quite a big patch.

I hope this post got you a bit more riled up about the new and upcoming patch and for a meta-change in the current scene. 


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