What went down on Day 1 of the Kuala Lumpur Major - SEA Open Qualifiers

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Sep, 2018

Image Courtesy: Stadium Astro

After a long day, featuring 254 teams, 8 teams have risen above the battlefield to compete for 2 of the SEA regional qualifier slots up for grabs. Now, all they have to do is win two more games, tomorrow and a place in the SEA regional qualifiers will be secured.

However, neither will the games be straight-forward nor will they be easy for any team considering the quality of the teams still left standing. They will face off against each other in BO3s tomorrow.

But before we get there, here’s a short recap of how many of the teams fared, and who are the eight teams who are left in the qualifiers.

Round of 64


Let’s start off with the most significant results in the round of 64, considering the fact that the earlier rounds were basically stomps/byes.

Entity Gaming was surprisingly eliminated by NCGC’s BossED. Entity Gaming’s experiment of running a safe-lane Jakiro as a core just didn’t pay off in the end. NCGC’s mid laner Japoy “Japoy” Ferrer destroyed the ETG lineup in the late game as Storm Spirit, advancing to the next round.\



Round of 32

BossED were eliminated from the tournament after a loss to Mongolian team, Khabul who have suddenly turned it up a notch in this tournament.

Signify were eliminated by Neon Esports after yet another Storm Spirit snowballed out of control. Skadilicious tore apart the Indian team, finding kills all over the map and completely shutting down Signify to nullify any threat of a comeback.

Indian Team LXG Esports were also eliminated by EVOS Esports in a relatively straightforward loss. The Indonesians just had the better draft, as well as better execution.

Round of 16

Khabul continued on their rampage, this time taking out Indonesian powerhouse BOOM ID to book a place in the quarterfinals against 1437's Tigers.

Raven and Ohaiyo’s new team, Team Lotac also made it to the Quarterfinals after taking out Neon Esports in a 37-minute win.


Here's how tomorrow's matches are lined up:


Join us tomorrow on our Twitch Channel, where we bring you Day 2 of the SEA Open Qualifiers #1.



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