What we want from TI8's Battlepass

Vignesh Raghuram

25th, Apr, 2018
The International 8 will be rolling out in just 3 months. As a result of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, the competition has never been higher with some spectacular games and nail-biting base races or epic Aegis steals almost every other day. But if there is one thing that the average Dota fan loves more than the aforementioned, it’s hats and the Battle Pass!

The Battle Pass and Compendiums were previously pretty straightforward for Valve to implement. With only two or three Majors and then The International, there was enough room for each event to have a dedicated one with tons of hats and quests. But with the implementation of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit Valve introduced a new model: Dota Plus.

Word on the street is that the general majority liked and renewed their Dota Plus subscriptions. However, it is quite underwhelming compared to a Battle Pass, especially when it comes to cosmetics. Who wouldn't love to have a Battle Pass for this year sooner rather than later? Join us as we run through everything we want to see in this year’s Battle Pass.

Perhaps the easiest to implement, but the least likely of this list. The Immortals have been the backbone of the compendium / Battle Pass ever since it was introduced in The International 3. It was the only incentive to buy the first ever compendium other than ‘a sense of pride and accomplishment’ for supporting the professional scene.

But in recent years, the Immortals have had a trade-lock of an absurd 6/12 months which has stripped the users of their power of trading / selling them and made it so that users will have to spend more and more if they want to get that elusive immortal. Valve might be forced to change their current model with governments starting to outlaw ‘Loot boxes’ as they begin to resemble gambling.

This would be a good chance for Valve to turn back to the good old days where we could just trade immortals to get the ones we wanted, ensuring that the immortal chests no longer resemble a gambling system.


Esports has always been at the forefront of the technological movement especially when it comes to broadcasting. We’ve implemented several new technologies and ways to watch well before traditional sports adopted it. So it is only right that Valve once again leads the way with the International 8.

With Valve focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) with its Source 2 engine we can only expect to be able to watch the games in a 360-degree view inside a headset of some sort. We already know that Valve has the technology to showcase in-game components as part of VR, but we’d like is a fully immersive experience which will make us feel like we are inside the Rogers Arena, in Canada alongside thousands of Dota 2 fans. This would be quite a revolution, as it would allow fans from across the world to have a feel of what The International is all about in the comfort of their homes.


If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Ranked Matchmaking is not for everyone. The introduction of Turbo Mode and the fanbase that has gravitated toward it is a testament to this fact. It has been quite a while since the last great custom mode was made by Valve. All Random Death Match, Ability Draft all seem to have become quite stale/riddled with bugs. And the ‘Arcade Mode’ feature that Valve so heavily advertised has quite frankly become a graveyard. So perhaps it’s time for yet another official game mode.

Now how about creating a unique type of game for a person that loves to play casually? We’re not saying that it should completely shift away from Dota 2 (like Siltbreaker). We just want something that is Dota but with a minor twist, that keeps the basics but is unique enough to attract the player base towards it. After all, it could be a good way to incentivize new players and those who are more casual than the average Dota player.


OpenAI debuted at The International 7 and shocked the world with its immense complexity and sheer mechanical skill which rivalled the best of players. A year on, the only people who have access to the Bot are part of a select group of players/ streamers/talent who have used it to better themselves.

The average fan has had no way to play the game even though they’ve been getting glimpses of how advanced the bot really is. This gatekeeping by these players could be something that Valve take advantage off and bundle the Elon Musk-backed technology along with the Battle Pass allowing it to reach the masses.

Last year, Valve released the Benevolent Companion IO Arcana exclusively to Battle Pass owners who reached a certain level. The move was heralded as a great success as it resulted in a significant jump in the prize pool of TI7 which of course implied a jump in the sales of Battle Passes.

While the introduction of a Rubick Arcana might be quite expected, considering that Pudge edged out the Grand Magus by a meager 0.0001% (8.7k out of 57.5 Million votes) it might not be a great idea for Valve to turn down thousands of dollars from fans who desperately wanted a Rubick Arcana.


This has been a part of the Battle Pass ever since ‘International Ranked’ started being bundled in. However, those were quite underwhelming as it placed players who queued for it in a separate matchmaking pool which was ‘toxic’ to say the least.

We would like a true reset, one that just makes your current rank obsolete and freshly attempts to calibrate you to a new rank. Valve could even increase the number of games required for calibration to 50 or so, to provide much more accurate rank. Most won’t mind, considering that 50 games for calibration most likely means, 1 game per day of the Battle Pass. Chances are we're all going to end up right where we started, but hey it's worth as shot right?


This could well be an addition that might push The International’s prizepool to over $30 Million. Artifact has been one of the most talked about topics in the Dota 2 community for quite a while. The fact that reviewers, players, personalities have only had positive things about the game has only increased the hype surrounding the game exponentially.

However, the game is still accessible only for a tight circle consisting of not more than a 100 people for quite a while now. However, Valve announced that the game is nearing completion and that Beta access will be opened up quite soon. Which leads us to where we are now.

Hundreds of thousands of fans of not just Dota, but of Valve waiting for the first Valve game in 5 years. If Valve bundles in Artifact’s Beta codes with the Battlepass, we can guarantee that The International 8’s prizepool will soar to unprecedented levels thanks to the sheer hype surrounding the game and Valve.


That's our list of things we'd like to see at TI 8. What's yours?


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