WG.Unity dominate Execration and TNC Pro Team to win the ROG Masters: APAC Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

30th, Oct, 2017
We have ourselves a winner, Warriors Gaming Unity have walked away from the event with the ROG Masters: APAC Finals Trophy and with it a slot at the ROG Masters: Main Event as they took down Execration 2-0 in the Grand Finals of the ROG Masters: APAC Finals.
Execration also qualified for one of the two APAC region spots in the main event by virtue of their hard-fought triumph in their semifinals matchup against Clutch Gamers.
This is WG.Unity's first ever LAN win. The international squad will now compete in the main event of the ROG Masters which is scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 07-12.


WG.Unity run over TNC Pro Team

Just like WG.Unity’s previous matchup where they ran over BOOM ID earlier yesterday, this matchup was way too one-sided. TNC Pro Team just couldn’t handle the aggression that WG.Unity was showing.
Kuku found himself thoroughly outplayed by his counterpart over at WG.Unity, Feero. In Game 1, Kuku and his Bloodseeker failed to make any impact, while Feero was all over the map with his Queen of Pain thoroughly destroying the TNC side. We saw the same thing happen once again in Game 2. Feero once again dominated on his Queen of Pain, leading WG.Unity into the Grand finals.

Clutch Gamers fall to Execration

Clutch Gamers‘ LAN woes continued as they fell to Execration 2-1 and failed to advance to the Grand Finals of the ASUS Rog Masters.
If it’s any consolation, though, Clutch Gamers did show glimpses of their potential and how good they actually can be in their series against Execration, especially in Game 1 where Armel showcased yet another incredible Queen of Pain performance. Unfortunately, that quite simply wasn’t enough against a team like Execration who ended up taking the remaining two games and the series as a result of some stellar play from Gabbi and Raging Potato.
Unbelievable Aegis Deny from Raging Potato

WG.Unity kept the ball rolling

Just like their previous matches today, WG.Unity went all in and put all their eggs on the Feero Queen of Pain Basket in Game 1. With the rest of WG.Unity giving him just the start that he needed to snowball heavily, Feero proceeded lay waste to the entirety of the Execration squad and ended the game with 17 kills and 1 death in over 36 minutes which lead to WG.Unity taking a 1-0 lead in the series.
If you thought that teams would have eventually learned their lesson and banned Feero’s Queen of Pain, you were wrong. Execration gave him his Queen of Pain once again and suffered the consequences. Feero ended the match with 18 kills and ended up dealing over 35k Damage, more than what Execration’s Carry and Mid, James and Gabbi, dealt combined.

WG.Unity and Execration will now join Team Empire, PENTA Sports and CDEC Gaming as well as the winner of the Americas Qualifier and fight for the lions share of a whopping $250,000 prizepool at the ROG Masters: Main event which will be held in Kuala Lumpur later this year.


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