WESG SEA 2018: Singapore Ready With National Squad

Aditya Singh Rawat

12th, Sep, 2018

Image Credits: WESG SEA

The Singapore National Qualifiers for WESG SEA 2018 were concluded yesterday on 11th September. The Qualifiers were held by SCOGA which is Singapore's Cybersport & Online Gaming Association.

The national qualifiers that are set to take place in between the months of August and September for the entire SEA region saw the rise of 4 teams and 3 players from Singapore across 5 gaming titles becoming the first country to register their teams and players among the 11 participating.

Following are the teams and players that will represent Singapore in the WESG SEA Grand Finals set to take place in November in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. 

CS:GO - Vindicta 

CS:GO (Women) - Asterisk 

DOTA 2 - Resurgence 

Hearthstone - Samuel 'Sequinox' Chan 

Hearthstone (Women) - Deborah Wolfsbanee Sim 

Starcraft 2 - Alvin Toh 

Vainglory - Impunity

CSGO - Vindicta 

Already pretty popular among the local teams Vindicta had previously faced a lot of big teams in the Asian region like 5Power, FrostFire, Mineski, etc. Coming into the qualifier they were surely one of the teams to look out for. 

Vindicta made their way across the initial stages quite easily, cruising through till the semifinals where they met B.O.O.T-d[S].   

The BO3 went down to a decider after Vindicta won on Cache ‘16-14’ while losing on Nuke ‘8-16’. The decider took place on Inferno where Vindicta caused an upset by winning the match ‘16-10’ and moved on to the finals where they beat Team Random5 to grab the chance of representing Singapore in the upcoming WESG SEA Grand Finals.

CSGO-Women - Asterisk

The grand finals were held between teams belonging to the same organization as Asterisk* faced-off against Asterisk*CSGO.  

Asterisk* beat their counterpart ‘16-3’ on Overpass quite easily, moving onto the second map Dust 2 where again Asterisk* took the win beating their opponents ‘2-0’ getting an opportunity to represent Singapore and compete for the $5.5 million prize pool.

Dota 2 - Resurgence

Resurgence was the first team to make it to the finals where they faced off against Team X. The BO3 series was won by Resurgence whose Storm and Terrorblade were too big by the 45-minute mark to be handled by their opponents and after forcing some great team fights they won the game a little shy of 55 minutes. 

The second game was even more dominant as the Io-Gyro combo was too much for team X to handle and combined with a heavily farmed QoP with Tidehunter for control they won the match a little over the 40-minute mark taking the series ‘2-0’ and moving on to represent Singapore in the Grand Finale.

Stay tuned as more WESG Qualifiers come to an end with the teams getting ready for the big showdown sometime on November.



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