WESG: APAC Finals - A Preview

Vignesh Raghuram

8o, Jan, 2018
After a quiet two weeks where most teams took a breather, this week, SEA Dota 2 revs up big-time with the year's first premier event in the region - WESG: APAC finals. 18 teams from all over the Asia-Pacific region and 2 from China, will battle it out in Jiazhou, China from January 11th to 14th in front of a massive crowd.

With $92,500 and a chance to qualify for the WESG: Grand Finals on the line (Top 10 teams go through to the Grand Finals), the tournament has brought out top-tier competitors from all across the South East Asian region, all of whom fought through the top talent in their region to make it here. Expect the competition to be fierce until the very end.
The Format
Group Stages:
The eight competing teams have been divided up into four groups, Group A, B, C and D. The group stages will feature BO1 round robin matchups within each group.

The 1st place team in each group will progress directly to the quarterfinals. Teams placing 2nd and 3rd will proceed to the RO12 in the playoff bracket. The bottom two teams from each group will be eliminated from the tournament.
You can find the groups below:

 Image Credits: WESG
Playoff Bracket:
Throughout the playoffs, including the finals, the teams will play in a best-of-three, single elimination bracket. 
A 9th and 10th place decider will also be played to determine the teams eligible for the WESG: Grand Finals.
The Prizepool
The twenty teams from the APAC region will be competing in the 4-day event for a share of the $92,500 prize pool distributed amongst the top 8 teams as follows.
Place Prize Money
1st Place $40,000
2nd Place $20,000
3rd Place $10,000
4th Place $6,500
5th -8th Place $4,000
The Teams

1. Team Lebanon
Winners of the West Asia Qualifier, their team has been placed in the relatively easier Group D.

2. Vanguards

Winners of the Iranian Qualifier, they have also been placed in Group D.
3. Old But Gold
Winners of the East Asia Qualifier, they have been placed in Group C.
4. Team Kazakhstan
Winners of the Central Asia Qualifier, their roster consists of players like Yernar "Mantis" Urazbayev (Who is a part of the ‘sQreen Squad’) and Dulat "goddam" Seidimomyn (who was a part of yesteryear powerhouse Power Rangers). They have been placed in Group D.
5. Kabal Gaming
Winners of the Turkmenistan Qualifier, they have been placed in Group C.

6. Entity Gaming
This Filipino team was brought in after TNC Pro Team declined to participate in the playoffs due to other commitments. But don’t let that fool you, Entity Gaming is a powerhouse that can beat any team in the APAC region on its day. They are the Dark Horses to take this event and have been placed in Group D.
7. Happy Feet
The runner-up of the Philippines qualifier, Happy Feet is another Filipino team that is one of the favorites to take it all. They have been placed in Group C.
8. Fire Dragoon
The Winner of the Malaysia qualifier, Fire Dragoon is the other favorite for the tournament. Featuring players who are at the very top of the SEA leaderboards: Ahjit, Alacrity and Deth-sama, anything other than a top 3 finish will be a disappointment for this team. They have been placed in Group A.
9. 818 Esports
The runner-up of the Malaysia qualifier, 818 Esports have been placed in Group A.
10. EVOS Esports
The winner of the Indonesian Qualifier, EVOS Esports is a team that has been on the cusp of becoming a Tier 1 SEA team for a long time now. They qualified for this event after beating out the likes of BOOM ID and Rex Regum Qeon, which is no mean feat. They have been placed in Group B.
11. Team Signify

The winner of the South Asian Qualifier, Signify is India’s representative at the WESG. They like EVOS have been on the cusp of becoming a Tier 1 SEA team for quite a long time. Even though they have had some decent performances in the regional qualifiers of several tournaments, this will be their big chance to show off how far they’ve improved since the new season started. They’ve been placed in Group C.
12. Electronic Sports Pakistan
The winner of the Pakistan Qualifier, they’ve been placed in Group B. Their qualification to this event means that we will finally get to see India vs Pakistan in Dota 2 after a long time (Since the Oblique Gaming vs Team EnvY days).
13. Alpha Red
The winner of the Thailand Qualifier, Alpha Red is one of the stronger teams taking part in this event. They have an outside shot at the WESG title. They will start off their WESG journey in Group A.
14. Azure Esports
The Winner of the Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei Qualifier; Azure Esports will be starting off in Group A.
15. Electrify
The Winner of the Singaporean qualifier, Electrify will be starting off in Group B.
HOMETE was brought in as a last-minute replacement after the Korean Squad of Team Immortals pulled out from the WESG event. They will be starting off in Group D
17. Seventh Heaven
The Winner of the Australia qualifier, they’ve been placed in Group B.
18. iClen
The Winner of the New Zealand & Pacific Islands Qualifier, they’ve been placed in Group B.
19. Rock.Y
The runner-up of the WESG 2017: China Finals, Rock.Y are one of the strongest teams taking part in this event. With a home-field advantage, they will be incredibly hard to defeat. They’ve been placed in Group C.
20. Keen Gaming
Keen Gaming finished in 3rd Place at the WESG 2017: China Finals behind EHOME and Rock.Y. They’re a staple in the Chinese Regional Qualifiers in Dota 2 Pro Circuit events where they go toe-to-toe against some of the best teams in the world. It will take a superhuman effort to take this team down. They’ve been placed in Group A.
Broadcast Info

Games will be broadcasted live on Twitch. You can watch them HERE.