WESG 2017: Team Previews: Team Kazakhstan – CIS Aggression, Asian Domination

Shounak Sengupta

11th, Mar, 2018
The Asian Dota scene is largely dominated by China and SEA and it’s hard to name other countries that are at par with the two regions. However, with the scene growing at a rapid pace it’s only right that new players, player bases and regions start getting involved with Dota. One of the few Central Asian countries, to have embraced esports truly, Kazakhstan will be represented at WESG 2017 by Team Kazakhstan.
The Roster and previous performances
We’d be lying if we said we knew the roster in and out, however, a few names do stand out. The biggest one of course is goddam, who played for a few CIS rosters like Power Rangers and Hell Raisers. The other known name is Mantis who used to play for NEXT.kz. The other players on the roster are B7 Next Level, TA2000 and Turbo.
At the APAC Qualifiers, TK went undefeated in the group stages picking up victories over Entity Gaming and Team Lebanon. In the playoffs, they were seeded directly in the quarterfinals, where they would take down Alpha Red 2-1. However, that would be their last series of the tournament as Rock.Y then ended their run with a convincing 2-0 in the semifinals.
TK has a pretty unique playstyle in terms of aggressive laning phases that tend to snowball. They don’t often go with team fighting lineups, instead preferring the deathball style. While this style is great against unprepared opponents, it did show its vulnerability against the disciplined Chinese team Rock.Y.
Forecast for the main event
They are seeded in Group A, one of the tougher Groups in phase 1, which makes things all the more unpredictable. Chinese powerhouse EHOME are certainly the favourites for that group, followed by Team Netherlands, featuring SingSing, Sexy Bamboe, Seleri and co. This puts TK in an awkward spot because they certainly are a team that deserve to go into phase 2 of the competition. The bo1 match ups may work in their favour if they are able to surprise the opponents with their snowball style of play. But both EHOME and Team Netherlands have much more experience going their way and it’s hard to see them get caught out by a cheeky draft.

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