Wards win games - TNC eliminate Team Team after a thriller of a match

Shounak Sengupta

19th, Apr, 2019

Cover image source: @ESL Dota 2


TNC picked up their second victory of the day to secure a top 4 finish in Mumbai, while 2 out the 3 teams attending the following Major have been eliminated from the competition.


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Game 1 saw, TNC pull out a tried and tested Drow strat, that allowed Armel’s OD to win his lane and while TNC didn’t have the best of early games, they still farmed more efficiently, being able to take structures at a good pace. The entire supporting cast of TNC had much higher amounts of farm, allowing their team to edge on team fights on the back of sheer sustain due to the item advantage. With the deficit building up bit by bit, Team Team started crumbling, and Brax’s CW fell too far behind to have any impact. TNC mopped up the series by 35 minutes, with their high amounts of damage and sustain too much for Team Team to chew through.


In game 2, the teams went back and forth but Team Team’s lategame looked impressive with a Medusa, Tidehunter and Enigma. However, a smoke attempt was correctly snuffed out by TNC as they waited positioned correctly, allowing Tims to steal both Ravage and Blackhole in a single fight and Team Team ran out of steam without Envy’s buyback.


TNC now face the winner of The Pango/Keen Gaming for a chance to stay alive in the tournament.