Virtus.Pro still the Final Boss of Majors

Vignesh Raghuram

18th, Nov, 2018

Image Credits: Virtus.Pro

Heading into the last series of the day, The Kuala Lumpur Major looked to have a final series that would dazzle viewers. On one hand it was Team Secret, a team who have looked unbeatable looking to cap off a fantastic start to the season with their third title, and 1st Place in the DPC points table.

On the other, it was Virtus.Pro - The team who was by-far the best in the previous DPC season winning a whopping 4 Majors to qualify for the International as the number 1 seed.


Virtus.Pro vs Team Secret

In the opening match, Virtus Pro looked completely untouchable. They tore through Team Secret in almost every team fight. The overwhelming Teamfight power of a Brewmaster, Phoenix, Enigma and Centaur completely shutdown Team Secret. Virtus Pro posted a total of 37 kills in a quick 34-minute rout of the European squad.


The second game saw Team Secret and Virtus Pro danced across the map in a heart-racing back and forth affair with some immaculate play coming in from VP. What allowed Team Secret to seal the deal, however, was impeccable support play from both Yapzor and Puppey, who played Weaver and Treant Protector respectively.

In the third game, Team Secret came out with a clear emphasis on not letting Virtus Pro get comfortable. Using some of the disorienting tactics from the last game, they jumped out to an early lead and completely controlled the pace of every fight. Using that momentum, Team Secret managed to get into a nice rhythm and took a 2-1 lead after a 43-minute game.

VP, now playing with their tournament life on the line, turned the tides in game four by falling back onto No[o]ne’s signature Outworld Devourer, and Ramzes’ Terrorblade. Matching Secret’s speed and coordination, the CIS powerhouse pressed hard early and secured a winner-take-all fifth confrontation with a 47-minute victory.

And finally, VP picked Magnus-Terrorblade combo in the 5th map—and in this metagame, we all know just how effective that combo is. Team Secret’s snowball-oriented lineup fell behind significantly early on, which is bad news considering that Secret had a snowball oriented hero like a Timbersaw. Team Secret just couldn’t deal with the damage being dished out by Ramzes’ Terrorblade. The game ended in just over 43 minutes.


For their efforts, Virtus.Pro received $350,000 as well as 4950 Pro Circuit points—which greatly boosts their chances at making it to The International 9 in Shanghai. With how well they’re playing right now, we could very well see the ‘Virtus Plow’ that dominated the circuit last season.



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