Virtus Pro qualify for the Upper Brackets

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Nov, 2018

It looks like Virtus Pro has put their disappointing TI8 run behind them and are already set to perform as well as they did in the last DPC season. They kicked off the day against Alliance. While Game 1 was a relatively simple victory for Virtus Pro thanks to a complete outdraft by Solo, the Swedish team was able to take game 2 off the CIS juggernauts thanks to a cheesy Broodmother pick.

The early minutes of Game 3 looked quite scary for Virtus Pro, as Alliance’s 2nd Broodmother pick of this series, lead them to snowball the lanes. Great rotations from Boxi and Insania meant that VP kept getting caught out. The game was looking dire for VP… until they turned the tides with a clutch grave from solo. Thereafter, thanks to having one of the best Brood players in the world: Ramzes, Virtus Pro played perfectly to win the series 2-1.


Forward Gaming on the other hand secured an easy 2-0 victory against paiNx as they completely decimated them with a Reso1ution Monkey King in Game 1 and a MSS Enigma in Game 2.


Forward Gaming vs Virtus.Pro


The first match was Forward’s game to lose, as Resolut1on started snowballing on his Monkey King backed up by Universe’s Magnus. The Game was decided Virtus Pro decided to haphazardly team fight around the Roshan pit and losing it, causing them to give over the Roshan to Forward Gaming. After this point, the game was basically over. Forward proceeded to systematically close out the game and pick up the win.

Virtus Pro proceeded to pick up their signature Dazzle and Terrorblade combo in Games 2, 3 and secured two straightforward victories with Ramzes putting in stellar performances as the Terrorblade even though so much pressure was applied on to him in the early-mid game stages.

Thus Virtus Pro marched through, fairly easily, into the Upper Bracket of The Kuala Lumpur Major while Forward Gaming will have another series to play today where they will have a chance to claim the second spot for Group D in the Upper Bracket.



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