Vega surprise everyone to top Group B

Shounak Sengupta

14th, Apr, 2018

Group B of the Starladder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 saw Vega Squadron take down Fnatic 2-0 to emerge as top seeds, moving on into the semi-finals. The CIS team were expected to finish behind Na’Vi and Fnatic but have instead made it so that only one of the fan favourites makes it to the playoff stage now.

Fnatic outdraft Na’Vi to take the first series

Fnatic and Na’Vi played out a long series to start things off on day 2, with the first game going 78 minutes before Na’Vi were able to close it out. Despite Abed’s Kunkka being able to one shot Na’Vi, Dendi and co had the better scaling supports as they were able to use their mid game lead to stay ahead, eventually picking up enough farm on all their heroes to be able to take teamfights effectively. While Fnatic’s item builds were much more desperate, they did manage to hold on for quite long before the gg was forced out.

Credits: u/dizson

In game 2, Na’Vi found themselves unprepared for Fnatic’s last pick Storm Spirit as Abed had the jump on General’s NP and Dendi’s Tinker making Na’Vi’s strat quite ineffective. He finished the game with 16 kills as Fnatic claimed a calculated victory to even out the series.

In game 3, Fnatic went for a turtling lineup vs Na’Vi’s snowball consisting of a Viper, a Leshrac and a DK. Abed’s Puck and Universe’s Pangolier were instrumental in creating space and cutting waves, every time Na’Vi wanted to push and these plays allowed enough time for Fnatic to come online. Despite Na’Vi having a lead for the majority of the game, Envy’s Medusa led the networth charts and became a massive problem for Na’Vi to deal with. With Universe, Abed, DJ and Adam providing tons of control in the teamfights, Envy was able to dish in the damage as Fnatic held Na’Vi’s pushes multiple times before they were able to finish off the game in one swift move.

Vega Squadron down SG e-sports

In the second series, Vega Squadron took down South American hopefuls, SG e-sports. Both teams picked up a game each to the series, but Vega pulled out ahead when it really mattered to take the series. In game 3, they held on against SG’s mid game onslaught as the tanky tri core of Timbersaw, DK and Underlord was very hard for Vega to fight against.The CIS side were patient, biding their time carefully and even conceded a lane of barracks before they had the arsenal to take the fight to SG. At around the 50 minute mark, they won the decisive team fight, catching out SG without buybacks as they wiped them off the field and claimed the series.

Vega sweep aside Fnatic to make it through to the playoffs

In the WB finals, Vega managed to dig deep as they took down Fnatic to claim a surprise 2-0. Both games were back and forth but Vega had heroes who were able to fight constantly which became a hard task for Fnatic to contend with. Envy especially was put in a bad spot, playing DP in both the games and found it hard to stay relevant when his ultimate was on cooldown. Despite Fnatic’s best attempts at controlling the early game, Vega showed up in numbers in the mid game fights, showing some solid execution to pull out ahead. In both games, they came back from behind to take the win, showing that indeed they are no pushovers and will be tough opponents at the Starladder Minor.

Later today, 4 teams will be eliminated while 2 more will join Optic and Vega in the playoffs. In Group A, VG.J will face the winners of FlyToMoon and Kinguin while in Group B Fnatic will face the winners of Na’Vi vs SG.



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