Valve extends Dota Plus subscriptions by 6 Days in light of recent bugs


8th, Apr, 2018
Over the course of the last few days, Dota Plus subscribers were facing a massive problem. The DotA 2 Assistant, one of the bigger advertised features of DotA+ was just not loading in-game. This wasn’t one of the usual DotA bugs that Valve could fix in a leisurely pace. This was one of the very few paid features in Dota 2 and hence deserved some immediate attention.

Multiple threads popped up /r/dota2 popped up complaining about this,

Some accused Valve of ignoring other paid features as well.

Valve has since then apologized and fixed the technical issues and has extended Dota Plus membership by 6 days to compensate for the downtime.

The Dota Plus assistant has been a major point of discussion in the community as it toes the line between Free-2-Play and Pay-2-Win. While several players were skeptical when it was released, it appears as if most of the Dota 2 community has subscribed to it considering the sheer volume of complaint threads on reddit.


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