Valve announces changes to Artifact monetisation model following complaints

Vignesh Raghuram

19th, Nov, 2018

Earlier today, Valve opened up the public beta of their new card game Artifact. Now, fans who attended PAX West and The International 8 can access the Beta version of the game.

However, over the past few days, the Artifact subreddit has been riddled with several complaints from fans, as soon as the NDA was lifted on November 18, 2018. The major complaint was the fact that, unlike Dota 2 which is free to play, the payment model of Artifact resembled freemium games - you get a game for free but you will eventually have to pay for perks or, worse, access to more content.

There are very few ways to earn cards by simply playing the game. After the initial buy-in cost of $19.99 USD, each additional pack of cards costs $2. To earn packs in the game, you can’t play Artifact in casual competition. Instead, you have to play in expert, which costs tickets. To get tickets you will have to spend more money on ticket packs. Therein lies the problem for the community.

Following the feedback from the Beta players in the Front page of the Artifact subreddit, Valve has responded by releasing a Beta update to resolve these issues.

Artifact players can expect to see changes including a model that allows duplicates to be recycled into event tickets. Players can also participate in a ‘Casual Phantom Draft gauntlet’ mode. This mode will allow players to practice drafting without spending any event tickets.

Players can also draft with friends in a ‘Call to Arms Phantom Draft’ mode in any user-created tournament. ‘Casual Phantom Draft’ and ‘Call to Arms Phantom Draft’ modes will be available later today, Valve announced.

The duplicate recycle option will be added in a later update.


You can pre-order Artifact now $20 while the beta continues on with a new patch.