U Cypher survival guide

Shounak Sengupta

19o, Jan, 2018
With U Cypher premiering later today we thought we’d make a sort of survival guide to help viewers keep track of things.

Episodes will be aired everyday on MTV at 10 pm from today onwards with VODS available on Voot a day after.
Since the format is such that the the entire game will not be broadcasted on television, you’ll be able to find the games on their Youtube and Twitch channels.
The 6 teams and their captains are as follows:
Akramaks – Akshay ‘Kappa’ Sinkar
Yakshas – Vivek ‘Acrid’ Gore
Yodhas – ‘Pranay ‘Wuzz’ Bhatia
Crusaders – Atul ‘Remstar’ Singh
Marksmen – Ankit ‘Venom’ Panth
Sherdils – Ritesh ‘Ritz’ Shah

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