U Cypher hints at Major Changes for Season 2

Shounak Sengupta

2nd, Apr, 2018

Season 1 of U Cypher got mixed reactions from the community with many calling it out for some of the most cringe-worthy moments in Indian esports in recent times. However, it’s fair to say that since it was only the first season, there’s always room for improvement and change. The organizers seem to have taken the feedback in the right stride and according to sources, they will work to give the show a more sporty feel, moving away from the reality show bits as far as possible. 

Source: Ankit 'V3nom' Panth

Already some of the key members from last season met up with the management and discussions have begun as to what direction the show will be headed. Folks from MIT were spotted in discussion with players and the team as well.

Amar Ratnam, Assistant Esports Manager at U Cypher will be joining Veewake for a conversation tonight at 9 30 pm IST on AFK Gaming's regular podcast series! Click here to watch the podcast


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