Tyloo to face ViCi in the finals of Asia Minor - Chinese Closed Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

7th, Jun, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: ViCi Gaming

The Chinese Closed Qualifier for the Asia Minor - Berlin 2019 which is currently underway witnessed a lot of action taking place on the first day witnessing multiple teams getting eliminated from the event followed by both Tyloo and ViCi reaching the Upper Bracket Finals.

Chinese Big Bash

The top two Chinese teams are set to battle it out later in the day today with the winner advancing to the Asia Minor while the other gets knocked down to the Lower Bracket with another chance in hand to grab the second slot.

Tyloo took care of AVENGERS, 8EASY & EHOME in three straight sets of ‘2-0’ each reaching the finale. The Chinese team who had recently announced the arrival of Freeman and Danking to their roster are still functioning their old line-up with no new player being substituted yet.

ViCi Gaming underwent a similar path as Tyloo, winning three straight best-of-three series with a ‘2-0’ scoreline defeating Rstar, IPet Gaming & 5Power Gaming. The team is playing with Tao ‘Franke19’ Deng as a stand-in, who has been brought in to fill the vacant spot left because of Freeman departing a month back.

The two teams are set to take on each other later in the day. Let’s see who comes on top and which team is left to slug it out in the Lower Bracket.


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