Tyloo make their way into the Finals of Toyota Masters CS:GO Bangkok 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

24th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Toyota Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018

The Toyota Masters CS:GO Bangkok 2018 continued with the Playoffs witnessing Tyloo reach the Grand Finals despite a medical emergency that struck Ke ‘captainMO’ Liu yesterday during their match against pro100.

Group Stage

Tyloo had a disastrous start in the event barely managing to clear the group stages, standing third in the overall points table of Group-A. Tyloo dropped their match-up against Alpha Red the local team from Thailand and AGO Esports but managed to win against Team One and Renegades.

It wasn’t that Renegades were playing bad but they were very inconsistent in their teamwork, gameplay and execution which could have had a really bad impact on the team in the playoffs.


The Playoffs started with Tyloo dropping a map to 100pro in the Quarterfinals after which the remainder of the match was rescheduled due to the health emergency striking captainMO.

The Quarterfinal match-up resumed today with Tyloo playing a brilliant game of CS. They came back into the game by winning the second match with a score of ‘16-10’ on Mirage and followed it by winning the decider on Cache with a single-sided sweep of pro100 with the scoreboard reading ‘16-6’.

Tyloo went on to face AGO Esports in the semifinals against whom they won by a series score of ‘2-1’.

Losing the first match on Dust 2 by a score of ‘16-3’ disappointed a lot of fans who thought that Tyloo were back to being erratic but Tyloo hit back hard, winning the second match on Mirage with a score of ‘16-6’ followed by another win on Overpass with a score of ‘16-6’.

With this, Tyloo has qualified to the Grand Finals of Toyota Masters CS:GO Bangkok 2018 while also finding hints of their former glory returning back into action.


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