TyLoo & CyberZen stuck in the middle bracket at StarSeries I-League 6

Aditya Singh Rawat

9th, Oct, 2018

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The second day of the StarSeries I-League 6 was even more entertaining than the first, with its fair share of upsets and game defining moments. 

This is how the match-ups of the day proceeded,

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CyberZen vs Mousesports

CyberZen who was on a winning high after beating Renegades faced off against Mousesports on Nuke, where the Chinese were destroyed by their opponents who claimed 14 rounds in the first half itself, playing CT-sided. Right from the very beginning, mouz was on top of their game shutting down CyberZen by perfectly predicting their plays.  

A frustrated CyberZen started to rush aggressively and started showing a constant lack in coordination which only made it easier for mouz to take them down. Winning the match with a score of ‘16-1’ mouz won their second match in a row moving onto the High Matches bracket.

TyLoo vs HellRaisers

TyLoo confronted HellRaisers on Overpass in their second match-up of the group stage. TyLoo and HR were both down by one match due to a loss against ENCE and Imperial, respectively.

The match was fierce as both the teams were on equal footing with every mistake being exploited and heavily punished by the other team. HR managed to hold the lead at halftime with the scores at ‘8-7’ but TyLoo shifted gears and pushed back hard in the latter half to defeat a surprised HR with the scores reading ‘16-11’. With this, TyLoo remains on the Mid Matches Bracket as HR falls down to the Low Matches Bracket, now fearing elimination.

Renegades vs CompLexity

Renegades who lost their first-round bout to Cyberzen were now facing off against CompLexity. 

The Australians played brilliantly on Mirage, the team followed some textbook plays but kept changing their pace of execution constantly, which worked wonders, often catching their opponents off-guard or in an unorthodox position. CompLexity fought well even managing to raise hope by staging a late comeback of sorts, but Renegades were just too damn good on this occasion, taking down their adversaries with a score of ‘16-9’

Renegades retain their position within the Mid Matches bracket while CompLexity drops down to the Low Matches bracket with a certain threat of getting eliminated from the event.

Fragsters vs Gambit

To everyone’s surprise the Danish team, Fragsters who were able to take down the German giants BIG made their fans applaud for them once again as they took down Gambit in their second round match-up while playing on Dust 2

Fragsters showed great controlled aggression towards the start but quickly went to the backfoot once they had gathered a couple of rounds under their belt. From here on out it was all planned strategies and plays that earned them this victory over Gambit who was never truly in control of the game and lost the match with the scoreboard reading ‘16-11’.  

With this, Fragsters move on to the High Matches bracket, now only one win away from qualifying for the playoffs while Gambit drops down to the Mid Matches Bracket.

The match-ups for the third day of the group stage is as follows:

Image Credit: Liquipedia



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