TyLoo and VG.Flash to kick off their Starseries Season 5 campaigns

Shounak Sengupta

28o, May, 2018

Cover Image Source: @cssltv

Asian Counter-Strike has seen quite a bit of a spike in recent times, much thanks to some controversy and of course some very good results in recent tournaments. 2 more Asian teams are set to show their talents at the Starladder Starseries iLeague Season 5 LAN finals. Let’s take a look at what they have in store for them.

The teams

The tournament consists of 16 teams from across the globe with some real heavyweights set to lock horns. Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas and are the real big names here all supported by teams from EU, NA and Asia.


Natus Vincere - Direct Invite

SK Gaming - Direct Invite

Team Liquid - Direct Invite

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Direct Invite

Mousesports - Direct Invite


AGO esports - EU Quals

TyLoo - Asian Quals - EU Quals

VG.Flash - Asian Quals

NRG Esports - NA Quals

Avangar - CIS Quals

Gambit Esports - CIS Quals

Renegades - NA Quals

Hellraisers - Master

North - EU Quals

The format and Day 1 matches

The Group stages involve a Swiss system with 8 teams advancing to the playoffs. From thereon it’s a simple single elimination playoff. The total prize pool for the event is 300,000$.

Both Asian teams have quite a hard matchup in the first round, with TyLoo facing up against Na’Vi and VG.Flash against SK Gaming. However both SK and Na’Vi are quite inconsistent in terms of performance and have tendencies to fall flat on their faces. The fact that it’s a bo3 and that these teams do not play against Asian teams so often gives TyLoo and VG.Flash some hope. North versus mousesports seems like the most closely contested round 1 encounter.

Here’s a list of all the round 1 matches:

Clipped from Liquepedia

How to watch

The matches will be live on twitch on the following channels