Tragedy Strikes Bravado Gaming

Aditya Singh Rawat

30th, Jan, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Denial Esports

Almost everyone associated with the CounterStrike community is well aware of ‘Project Destiny’ by now, especially after Gabriel ‘Fallen’ Toledo stepped up and voiced his concern in support of the project.

FalleNapeX, s0m and some other streamers had streamed multiple sessions of CS:GO which was a fundraiser aimed towards spreading the news, accelerating the funding and help Bravado reach its specified aim of $30,000.

The last update according to this article on their website states that 60% of the goal had been reached on 24th  January ($18,200), with only 7 more days left to go for Bravado Gaming to fulfil its target.

The organization had also managed to find an undisclosed corporate sponsor who was willing to cover any deficit that the organization faced at the end of their fundraising duration. All the players were aware of this and the campaign was a guaranteed success by this point. 

In spite of this, shocking news broke the heart of a lot of supporters and believers of Project Destiny as Denial Esports announced the signing of the Bravado line-up except for Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschali, who declined the offer and stayed back in Bravado Gaming.

Bravado Gaming was quick to clarify upon the events that had unfolded yesterday by announcing the cancellation of the Indiegogo fund-raising campaign. They apologized to all the fans and supporters while announcing that all the donors will be refunded.

The refund procedure has been shared by Bravado Gaming in detail and can be viewed by clicking HERE

The following statement was made by Bravado about the whole situation,

"We want to make it clear that this decision was purely on the players to cancel the campaign and accept the offer they received from Denial E-Sports. We want you to know that this is no reflection on the ethics of the Bravado brand and its management. We want to ensure that everybody who contributed to the campaign will be refunded. 

Bravado was disappointed by this outcome but we stand tall and proud in achieving its goal of taking a South African team off the African continent and placing them on a current global ranking of #21 in the world. We are proud that our players seized the opportunity offered to them and made the best of Project Destiny thereby making Bravado, it’s management, staff, fans and all its supporters extremely proud and simultaneously giving hope to all other potential future pro-players out there. 

Project Destiny may have come to an end but not Bravado’s endeavours. Bravado plans on continuing its efforts to establish a world-class Counter-Strike team internationally while simultaneously working on a variety of projects impacting the social and competitive gaming scene throughout South Africa and various parts of the world.  We cannot disclose further information about our future CS:GO squad right now, but we’ll make sure to continue keeping you in the loop as things progress along with some other cool announcements."

Denial Of Destiny

Talking a bit about Denial Esports. The esports organization based in the USA was recently revived on 21st December 2018 after being inactive since September 2017.

The organization faced a massive backlash from the esports community as the CEO of the company, Robby Ringnalda failed to pay his CS:GO and H1Z1 players their regular payments. He left the company to start another business and ignored any attempts from Esports law firms, ESG law and Morrison/Lee to get in touch with him.

The organization has resurfaced with a new CEO, Zachary ‘ZachtehCEO’ Smith, owner of MoneyMatches.

Zachary has already started to pay back some of the players the money that Denial owed them in an attempt to restore the name of the organization amongst the players and in the community.

Denial Esports made their comeback starting with Halo and have since moved on to CS:GO as well. Though the team still needs one more player to complete their line-up. The current roster is as follows: 

  • Aran ‘Sonic’ Groesbeek 

  • Rhys ‘Fadey’ Armstrong 

  • Ruan ‘ELUSIVE’ van Wyk 

  • Johnny ‘JT’ Theodosiou 

  • Tiaan ‘T.c’ Coertzen [Coach]


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