TNC Tigers through to the ProDota Cup SEA #13 grand finals

Shounak Sengupta

7th, Aug, 2018

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The TNC Tigers beat out Execration in the lower bracket finals of the ProDota Cup SEA #13 to set up a grand finals date with EVOS Esports. This completes a remarkable lower bracket run from the Tigers who had an abysmal time in the group stages. In the process the Tigers managed to beat Rampage Gaming, Sterling Global Dragons, Orange Gaming and finally Execration to reach the finals.

Game 1: inYourDream’s Spectre steals the show

TNC Tigers started with an unsual draft, using their Bristleback to constantly pull back waves in the midlane. This allowed their Enigma to push down the tier 1 tower by 6 minutes and set back the Monkey King quite a bit. In turn, this space was utilized by inYourDream’s Spectre, who skipped the Radiance and was ready to join fights at around the 15 minute mark with an early Manta Style. Xepher also had a Blink Dagger ready by this point, making fights very easy to take for the Tigers. The game lasted 32 minutes but superior teamfight and spells like Blackhole and Echo Slam coupled with Haunt allowed the Tigers to always come out ahead. Execration got pickoff kills on the back of their Tiny and Beastmaster but they lacked the AOE in teamfights and were swept aside.

Game 2: Support Wraith King nets TNC Tigers the win

In game 2, the Tigers won the laning stage and kept the gold advantage for the entirety of the game but still found fights difficult to take especially when facing a tanky Dragon Knight. Xepher’s four position Wraith King absorbed much of the damage in the fights with his 2 lives but still TNC Tigers couldn’t find their way into the backlines despite a gold and kill lead. It took some near perfect teamfights with Guardian Angels and 5 man Terrorizes but eventually the TNC Tigers were able to bring down Execration.


The Tigers now face EVOS Esports in the grand finals tomorrow.



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