TNC Pro Team beat Fnatic to book a place in the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Feb, 2018

The much awaited deciding match between two of the best teams in SEA, Fnatic and TNC Pro Team, delivered on all fronts. It was one hell of an action packed series which contained great decision making, great teamfights, throws, counter throws.

Here is a short recap of today’s proceedings
Fnatic vs TNC Pro Team

Game 1:

Fnatic, with their last pick, brought out the dreaded Broodmother, adding onto a draft that was already a nightmare for TNC’s lineup.

While Fnatic drafted for the lanes, TNC drafted for the team fight, and that was the course of the game. Fnatic dominated the lanes, shutting down Raven’s Phantom Lancer, and helping Abed’s Broodmother to snowball.

TNC Pro Team just couldn’t stabilize which meant that Fnatic took over the mid game. EternalEnvy’s Razor became a tank, with EternalEnvy’s unique Hood -> Euls Item Build. Despite Fnatic dominating the early-mid game, TNC Pro Team looked like they still had a window to come back, on the Back of Armel’s Death Prophet and Raven’s Phantom Lancer. That window closed when TNC lost a Roshan fight at 30 minutes, with Fnatic wiping out their team.
Game 2:

TNC Pro team drafted themselves a unique lineup with a Chaos Knight support pick. But TNC Pro Team couldn't offer much support to Armel’s Dragon Knight in the early game, who was getting pressured by a strong Timbersaw lane.
Raven had a strong start on his Gyrocopter, making plays all around the map, his team was able to capitalize on it farming up a storm on all their heroes.

It also didn’t help that TNC Pro Team found a DD rune near the Roshan pit for the Gyrocopter which they used to sneak a Roshan. Fnatic may have picked what they were comfortable with and what was fun, but they drafted themselves into a corner with their Enigma, who just couldn’t find the right initiation against TNC’s lineup.
Game 3:
It was back to the basics for Fnatic in the final game with Abed’s Tinker and EternalEnvy’s Razor, while TNC went for the dreaded Naga Siren + Disruptor combo. TNC Pro Team clearly had the superior Team Fight lineup. It certainly showed in the midgame stage, where TNC Pro Team managed to get massive momentum from several successful rotations and a ridiculous overextension from Fnatic.

TNC started applying immense pressure with their superior team fight. Relying too much on Tinker ultimately cost Fnatic their third game and subsequently the series.

So TNC Pro Team has finally secured qualification to their 2nd Major. They will be joining Mineski at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018. How do you think both SEA teams will perform in the Main Event? Will they be able to secure any points? Let us know by tweeting at us @afkgaming or commenting below


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