TNC Predator secures a spot in the WESG 2018: Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

14th, Dec, 2018

Image Credits: TNC Predator

After a long day of Swiss Format madness in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Filipino representatives TNC Predator have managed to put up 3 wins in a row and became the first team to secure a spot in the playoffs of the WESG 2018: SEA Finals.

The rest of the teams have some catching to do, with only 3 spots in the playoffs left up for grabs.


TNC’s road to qualification


TNC Predator kicked off their journey in the WESG SEA Qualifiers against Thailand’s representative Alpha Red. Right off the bat, Gabbi put up a scintillating performance to secure a 24-5 win in just 23 minutes.

Their next match was up against the Singaporean team, Resurgence. This time it was Armel on the Kunkka who stole the show with a phenomenal performance, finding kills all across the map. TNC Predator was even more dominant in this match, putting up a whopping 37-4 Kill score and securing the win in just 18 minutes.

Their last matchup of the day was up against Vietnamese team, MEGA Aorus. TNC absolutely dominated this match as well, picking up a Gyrocopter-IO combo and rolling through their opponents in just 28 minutes, even resorting to fountain diving to establish their show of dominance.


TNC took on WG.Unity for seeding performances on the first match of Day 2 of the WESG 2018: SEA Finals. They lost after 32 minutes, falling to spectacular Phantom Assassin performance from Mercury.

The qualification statuses of other teams are rather unclear, at the time of writing.



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