TNC Predator pull off a scintillating victory to set up a clash against Russian Powerhouse in WESG

Vignesh Raghuram

9th, Mar, 2019

Image Courtesy: WESG

In the end, it was just too easy for TNC Predator, who waltzed to a Semifinal spot after a stellar 8-2 Group Stage run, followed by an easy 2-0 victory in the Quarterfinals over Brazillian representatives, Team Canarinho comprised of players from Chaos E.C.

Here’s a short look at how TNC Predator made quick work of their Brazillian Opponents.


TNC Predator vs Team Canarinho


Game 1: It was quite simply the Gabbi show in Game 1, as Team Canarinho made the unfortunate mistake of leaving him unchecked. Gabbi fully capitalized, hurling himself towards a 14-minute Battlefury. Although hFn had an equally good start to the game, he didn’t nearly output as much damage as Gabbi was dishing out 21 minutes into the game.

The game eventually was decided by a Roshan fight, which TNC Predator won handily, securing the Aegis of the Immortal and using it to choke out Team Canarinho to secure the Game 1 victory.

Game 2: This time it was Armel’s turn to steal the show with his Morphling. He almost single-handedly picked apart Team Canarinho in the early-mid game portions steadily growing TNC’s advantage and allowed them to seamlessly push towers with easy.

The Beastmaster Aura combined with a Troll Warlord and Morphling meant that every single small mistake made by Team Canarinho was punished with multiple objectives, allowing TNC Predator to amass a massive Item advantage to secure a 26-minute victory.

TNC Predator’s journey continues tomorrow when they go up against Russian team: White-Off comprised of 4 Virtus Pro players+Afoninje.

Gfreak's thoughts:

TNC Predator have showcased some extraordinary Dota in these games at WESG 2018: World Finals. In fact, I would say that TNC has arguably been the best team in this event so far. A victory over Team White-Off would basically guarantee the title for the Filipino team.

All they need to do is, not change the formula, and let Gabbi carry the team while Armel and Raven make tons of space for him. Pulling it off against Solo's White-off is the real challenge. Can TNC do that?


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