TNC Predator off to a poor start in Group B of the KL Major

Vignesh Raghuram

9th, Nov, 2018

The first major of the season has finally kicked off. We’ve already seen some incredible games, with some incredible plays. When the groups were drawn, Group B was hailed as the Group of Death with 4 strong teams promising us some great Dota.

Here’s a short look at what went down in the first 2 matches of Group B in the KL Major.


TNC Predator vs Vici Gaming


The first game of the series started off a bit slow with both teams opting to farm quite a lot. After this good start, Vici went a bit cold, not finding many kills in the early game. TNC, on the other hand, was able to get off some successful ganks to get their lanes rolling into a snowball. We saw Armel “Armel” Tabios on Invoker getting solo kills onto Ori’s Lina. However, Vici made great use of Roshan to buy enough time for Paparazzi to catchup on his Terrorblade, to carry them into the later stages. Great RPs from XXS were enough to close out Game 1 and grab a 1-0 lead for the Chinese.

Game 2 was more of the same, with the SEA team doing well in the early stages of the match. Armel in particular, farmed up a storm against Ori’s Bloodseeker racing off to the top of the networth charts. Unfortunately, they repeated the same mistake from Game 1: leaving Paparazzi unchecked and conceding the game to his overwhelming Terrorblade.


EG vs Aster


Game one started out with EG on the offence, utilizing their individual brilliance to win 2 out of the three lanes and garnering a massive advantage against Aster’s slow-paced lineup. They were able to pressure and find regular pickoffs on Aster’s cores thanks to great movement from S4. But EG just couldn’t break high ground against lover’s Tinker. Team Aster caught up and turned the tides securing the Game 1 victory.

In game two, we saw Arteezy have another good game on Terrorblade, getting an 8/1/2 scoreline by the end of the game, after EG had yet another good start and pushing barracks by the 25-minute mark. This time around, EG managed to break Aster’s base without much resistance and levelled the series.

The third game was the longest match of the day, where EG ran into the same issues they faced in Game 1. They snowballed off to a good lead but were just unable to break the base for a very long time, thanks to Aster’s fantastic turtling. In the end, EG managed to close out the game by ignoring Aster heroes and just focusing down the throne.




Clearly, all 4 teams in Group B are quite evenly matched, which will lead to some great games in the upcoming Winners, Losers, and Decider series.


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