TNC Predator knocks out Team Aster to advance to the next round

Vignesh Raghuram

22nd, Jan, 2019

Image Credits: TNC

It wasn’t even close. TNC Predator didn’t put a foot wrong in their elimination match against the Chinese team: Team Aster and took them down in just 34 minutes to set up a clash against Team Liquid in the next round of the Lower Brackets.

TNC Predator have been the kings of BO1s for quite a long time, and have consistently made it past the first round of the Lower Brackets, in multiple DPC tournaments. Here’s how they executed it this time:

TNC Predator vs Team Aster


This game was a TNC stomp from the very beginning. Aster’s strategy was focused on pressuring Gabbi’s Morphling with their Dark Seer-Sven combo. But Gabbi still managed to find farm by himself securing a good chunk of gold in the early stages.

Armel also farmed up a Boots of Travel on his Tinker in under 10 Minutes. TNC’s early towers control gave them total reign over the map. They didn’t really gank Sylar’s Terrorblade or Lover’s Puck but rather slowly suffocated them of any semblance of farm from the Jungle.

With a Gold and XP lead combined up with the Aegis of Immortal, Gabbi was literally unstoppable. He and the rest of TNC dived Aster relentlessly. For the most part, Aster just sat back and took it, unable to press ahead and make anything happen.

TNC closed it all out with a rampage on Gabbi to close out the game 21-9 and secured the win.


In the other games of the lower brackets. The two South American teams, Chaos EC and Thunder Predator prevailed over Alliance and The Pango to advance into the next round of the lower brackets.

While J.Storm and Forward Gaming faced off in the most closely contested game in the Lower Brackets, so far. They went toe-to-toe in a 70-minute brawl in which J.Storm prevailed in the end.


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