TNC Predator knocked out of the Dotapit Minor: SEA Qualifiers

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, Apr, 2019

In a massive upset, TNC Predator were knocked out of the OGA Dotapit Minor: SEA Qualifiers with a crushing 2-0 loss to WG.Unity. The Filipino powerhouse have now lost 4 DPC qualifiers in a row.

WG.Unity haven’t really shown much potential this season, with their highest placing before the Dotapit Minor being a 4th place finish in the ANGGAME China vs SEA #3 - Online Final.


TNC Predator vs WG.Unity

Game 1: TNC Predator picked up an extremely greedy lineup with a Medusa, Monkey King and Razor as their cores. WG.Unity punished them heavily with aggressive lanes, and choked them out from the very beginning, securing tons of farm on Nikobaby’s Troll Warlord and their Invoker who styled on TNC in the later stages.

TNC Predator had no answers to the aggression of WG.Unity and ended up conceding Game 1.

Game 2: TNC Predator decided to switch it up in Game 2 to pick up a push-heavy, mid-game centric lineup featuring Armel’s Ember Spirit and Gabbi’s Lone Druid. But WG.Unity managed to go blow for blow with their Midlane Troll Warlord and a spectacular Nikobaby Weaver who went 16/2/13 in the KDA department.

He destroyed the TNC Backline with his elusive Weaver, allowing his Troll Warlord to deal immense amounts of damage unchecked and was undoubtedly the key factor in WG.Unity securing the win and eliminating TNC Predator in Game 2.

TNC Predator now only has 696 DPC points over the course of the year, which currently puts them in 10th place in the DPC Points table. Their only opportunity to further that total will come at the upcoming Epicenter Major in June, the final Major of the season.

WG.Unity will now face BOOM ID in the Grand Finals of the OGA Dotapit Minor: SEA Qualifiers. The winner of that match will move on to the Minor.



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