TNC Predator join Fnatic and Mineski as the SEA representatives for TI8

Vignesh Raghuram

25o, Jun, 2018

In one of the most dominating runs in the International 8 qualifiers yesterday, Fnatic beat TNC Predator in the SEA TI8 qualifiers thus securing their spot in Vancouver. That forced TNC.Predator into the lower bracket finals, where they ended up battling TNC.Tigers for the last SEA spot at TI8 in an epic series, perhaps the best of this edition of the qualifiers.

For TNC Tigers, the road to the lower bracket finals went through underdogs Entity Gaming, who shocked a lot of SEA fans with their crisp execution and great play in the group stage of the qualifiers. However, it looked like Entity Gaming’s streak of outdrafting their opponents came to an end against veteran captains Kuku, and 1437. They lost 2-0 in their first match of the playoffs and were relegated to the lower brackets.

After the first game of the finals, not many would have guessed that TNC Tigers would win the series. Entity Gaming showed that they came ready to play and crushed Serenity 37-18, and they never once lost control of the game. However, TNC Tigers then replied in similar fashion in game 2, cruising to victory on the back of a 1437 Oracle pick who had a ton of impact despite being a 5-position support. Game 3 saw the Tigers secure the victory after Entity Gaming couldn’t find an answer for a surprise Meepo pick for 458.

TNC Tigers hence moved on to the Lower Bracket Finals.

With TNC Predator’s performances in the DPC this season, the prediction was that they would be back in force for the SEA qualifiers, and maybe even win the whole thing with ease. But an underwhelming performance in the upper bracket finals pushed them just one misstep away from elimination. Meanwhile, 1437 & TNC Tigers' story was quite the success story. They’ve had multiple roster shuffle since inception and finally formed an amalgamation of some of the finest talents in the SEA region lead by veteran leader 1437. A David vs Goliath battle was right on the horizon.


After an amazing game one for TNC Tigers who demolished TNC Predator on the back of an ultra-fast farmed Troll Warlord, it was the Predator’s time to surprise their opponents with a Bloodseeker last pick. Handled by Armel “Armel” Tabios, the Bloodseeker proved his value from the very first teamfights, as he restricted atleast one of the 3 TNC Tigers’ cores with Rupture.  Although TNC Tigers managed to recover during the mid-game stage, Armel’s Ruptures and the chaos he caused with the Blood Rites in the later stages propelled this series into a third game.

Last game of the series was an extremely hard fought and quite intense one. Although TNC Tigers managed to secure themselves a 25k gold lead on the back of their Guardian Angel, Exorcism, and Global Silence giving them a superior teamfight advantage. The third game of the Tigers vs Predator series was predicated on one insane play from TIMS that instigated a massive comeback.

With the aforementioned teamfight making it all even once again, TNC Tigers just couldn’t find the damage to bring down the Predators even with their Refresher Owieldinging Omniknight and Death Prophet.

In the end, it came down to who had more experience and it was this experience that edged TNC Predator to The International 8.

So TNC Predator will now join Fnatic, and Mineski as the SEA representatives in The International 8. These three teams have been the ones representing SEA in almost all DPC events and have now deservedly earned their place amongst the 18 teams who will be traveling to Vancouver for The International 8.

We think this is the strongest contingent of SEA teams in the history of The International. Will this be the first ever TI win for SEA? It’ll be hard for sure, but I beliEEve SEA has what it takes to lift the Aegis of Champions for the first time.