TNC Predator fall to PSG.LGD after putting up a great resistance

Vignesh Raghuram

19o, May, 2018
Image Courtesy Mars Media

Invictus Gaming leave the MDL Changsha Major in full company of both their squads, but still leaving NewbeePSG.LGD and Vici Gaming to represent their home event.

Newbee and Invictus Gaming went at each other's throats for the entirety of their match, neither achieving a confident net worth of exp advantage until the very climax: with mega creeps on both sides and no mistakes to be made, Song "Sccc" Chun Kunkka sealed the victory for his team with a devastating Tidebringer crit that iG were unable to recover from, having no buybacks left. 

PSG.LGD vs iG Vitality went for just as long, but with a much more consistent lead from the EPICENTER XL Champions. IG.Vitality managed to delay the game for a long time with Meracle’s signature Naga Siren In this match, LGD took mega creeps but struggled to finish things off. They made several attempts to draw iG.V's attention and sneak into the base with Necronomicons or Lycan's wolves, but it took an all-out teamfight at the 69-minute mark to pull iG.V away from their base long enough to finish the game.

OG couldn't hold on against Newbee seemingly recovered form, going down in just over an hour total in a decisive best-of-three. The European squad simply fell apart in the mid game on both maps, even after securing a convincing lead. 

PSG.LGD’s first match against TNC Predator was a flawless event for Somnus on the Death Prophet while the rest of team helped setup the game for a flawless victory. LGD dominated the first match with a fearsome display of teamwork and talent. The 2nd match was looking to be all LGD's for the taking, but TNC showed an enormous amount of tenacity and patience, pushing the game out longer and seizing the advantage in team fights and forcing LGD against the wall. TNC maintained their composure and after over an hour of thrills and kills, tied up the series with their victory. 

The final and decisive game of this series got underway with LGD finding constant kills and pressure – however, they did not get a massive lead through this and even by 30 minutes, the game hung in the balance. The passive play style of both teams was ended by the Chinese squad as they found a great fight to open up the game which found them 2 sets of barracks. A fairly quick ending came from this as suddenly LGD stepped up and took down TNC.

Three more teams among Team SecretMineski Newbee and PSG.LGD will be eliminated in the following penultimate day of this Major, deciding the last one to join VGJ.Storm and Vici Gaming for the first prize battle on the final day.