TNC Predator crashes down into the Lower Brackets after a poor performance in Group B

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Nov, 2018

TNC’s horrible day at the office, continued as yet another Chinese team handed Kuku and company, yet another loss pushing them down to the bottom of the Group and relegating them to the Lower brackets in the playoffs.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, continued their win-streak, taking down another Chinese team, Vici Gaming. The EG versus VG match-up finished in under one hour, with the NA team securing two relatively straight-forward victories. Game one saw SumaiL dominate on the Invoker, taking control of the game right from the get-go and completely shutting down Vici Gaming. Game Two was also pretty one-sided with ViCi Gaming, unable to withstand the sheer damage from Evil Geniuses, with Arteezy’s Arc Warden dealing a truckload of damage.


TNC finish bottom of the Group


TNC drafted a 4-protect 1 strategy in Game 1 putting all their eggs on Gabbi’s Terrorblade. But Team Aster’s overwhelming control factors thanks to Sylar’s Void and XXS’ Centaur Warrunner proved to be too much for TNC to overcome, conceding Game 1.

However, they struck back in Game 2 pushing the series to a decisive game three on the back of a great performance from Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte on Morphling.

Game 3 was extremely close as well, with TNC taking the early lead with a  support Magnus. TNC’s plan was relatively easy to execute and the Filipinos had no big issues in controlling Aster’s strategy tailored around the pickoff idea, stalling and creating space for Terrorblade to farm. However, although TNC had the net worth advantage for the entire game and although Terrorblade was kept under control, Aster’s support player BoBoKa on Windranger stole the show and single-handedly bullied the entire TNC, out-DPS-ed his carry Terrorblade with 10K more damage done to heroes to send TNC in the playoffs best-of-one starting round.


Team Aster perhaps suffering thanks to the draining series against the Filipinos, didn’t play the top-notch Dota we know they’re capable of and handed over the other upper bracket slot to fellow Chinese team Vici Gaming.

The action continues tomorrow at 07:30AM IST with the first series of both Groups C and D.