TNC Predator and Mineski lose their final matches of the day

Vignesh Raghuram

17th, Apr, 2019

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ESL One: Mumbai finally got underway earlier today with the Opening Matches of the GSL group stages coming to a pretty exciting end.

SEA reps, TNC Predator and Mineski opened the day with wins over coL and The Pango respectively. However, they had to face TeamTeam and Keen Gaming (Both teams who have qualified for the Disneyland Major) in the next round.

Here’s what went down in the battle for a spot in the upper brackets


TNC Predator vs Team Team


The first series saw TNC fall to the NA squad in two relatively one-sided stomps. In Game 1, TNC showed some resilience by staying in it, in spite of a horrid laning stage for Kuku which saw him die 7 times within the 10-minute mark. However, a blunder in the decision-making process for TNC near the Rosh pit saw Team Team secure a free Aegis which was utilized to ultimately snowball to an easy Game 1 victory.

Game two was one-sided right from the get-go. A weak draft with an offlane Clockwerk for Kuku left TNC crippled as they lost all three lanes and conceded the game in just 22 minutes.

Team Team’s two cores Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao and Nico "Gunnar" Lopez did most of the heavy lifting in their victories as well with some incredible decision-making. This result catapulted TeamTeam into the Upper Brackets of the playoffs while sending TNC Predator down to the Decider Match.





Mineski vs Keen Gaming


On the other side of things, Mineski took on Keen Gaming who is being touted as the favourites to win this tournament.

In Game 1, Mineski struggled against Keen Gaming, who took the first game over them after a spectacular 12-2-8 performance by Wang "old chicken" Zhiyong on Anti Mage. Mineski could not gain any semblance of control from the Chinese team, with Keen holding onto the net worth advantage over the course of the entire game.

Game two saw Old Chicken notch it up even further. He used his Phantom Assassin to great effect, dealing a whopping 54k damage scoring 16 kills and 11 Assists. He destroyed the Mineski backlines, allowing Keen Gaming to cruise to victory and the upper brackets as a result.




Tomorrow, we’ll finally have the brackets for the Main event at NSCI Dome. The day kicks off with Na’Vi taking on coL and Signify battling The Pango. A loss here would relegate the teams to a lower bracket spot.

This will then be followed by the decider matches to finalize the playoff brackets. The action will kick off at 12:00 PM IST | 02:30 PM SGT


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