TNC Management issues a statement detailing Kuku’s punishment

Vignesh Raghuram

25o, Nov, 2018
Image Credits: PGL

Following Cyborgmatt’s statements about the TNC organization’s position and the future of Kuku’s career, TNC’s management has finally issued a statement detailing the ‘maximum fine’ that they had issued to Carlo “Kuku” Palad earlier this month.

According to this, Kuku will donate half of the earnings from the Kuala Lumpur Major as well as the Chongqing Major and/or the Bucharest Minor (if they qualify) to the Chinese community. On the contrary, if Kuku doesn’t qualify - He’ll cast/stream the event and donate all of his earnings to the Chinese community.

Whether this statement will be enough to revoke the alleged ban to Kuku remains to be seen.