TNC add Armel to their roster, Kuku to play support

Shounak Sengupta

30o, Jan, 2018
SEA powerhouse, TNC esport just announced the acquisition of Armel ‘Armel’ Tabios to their roster. The TNC squad was one member short after releasing 1437 and this new addition sets them up nicely for a while.
Armel was a standout performer for Clutch Gamers across 2017, helping them qualify for some big international LANs and cementing their position as a top SEA org. However, post TI8, CG’s performance has been lacking as they went through some roster shuffles all starting with the departure of Gabbi. Soon longtime teammates like Rapy and Flysolo all followed suit and finally, it was announced that Armel too would be leaving to play for Demon’s new team, Team Admiral.
However looks like Armel got a better offer from TNC who are a more established SEA team and chose to leave for greener pastures. TNC themselves have been in a rough spot up against teams like Fnatic and Mineski but did redeem themselves at the Bucharest Major SEA Quals.
Since the rosters are open for shuffle until the 6th of Feb, and it will be the last unlock period till, after the International, all roster changes at this point are likely to be very critical. However do note, that none of the TNC players have locked into the roster on the official registration page, meaning that they still can look to make changes. However, with Tims, Raven, Kuku and Sam_H playing together for a long time, it might not be the case.
The 18-year-old is a solid midlaner and will have big shoes to fill as he takes over Kuku’s role, who is set to play the hard support and be the IGL. With this the TNC roster is as follows:

Cover Image source: Liquipedia