Tigers eliminate Signify from the COBX Masters 2019

Nishant Patel

7th, Apr, 2019
They came. They saw. They conquered. Tigers have made it to the Grand Finals of the COBX Masters 2019 after a scintillating 2-0 victory over India’s best hope, Signify in the Semi Finals. Raven and co. will now compete against DeToNaTor in the Grand Final match.
Tigers vs Signify

Game 1:

Even though all the analysts and casters agreed that Signify had the better draft in Game 1, Tigers quite simply outplayed them in the laning stage snowballing into a massive 12k networth lead by the 20-minute mark.

Tigers picked up all the necessary aura items including the Guardian Greaves and the Crimson Guard allowing them to just run at Signify. The Indian team simply couldn’t dish out enough damage to deter the Filipino team and ended up conceding the game in just under 30 minutes.

Game 2:

The second game was far closer, with Signify having a much better laning stage which allowed Signify’s cores to get their early stat items. The Indian team managed to win a couple of teamfights in the early game, taking down Dendi repeatedly and completely slowing down his game.

Raven, however, put on his farming shoes and managed to stall out the networth deficit on his Terrorblade. Even though Tigers had the momentum in the Mid-game stage, Signify somehow quite simply outexecuted the Filipino team thanks to Swifty’s incredible plays and evened out the game.

However, a massive blunder in the Roshan Pit where Signify walked in without any sentries, allowing Velo to get a centaur stomp on three heroes, turned the tide for Tigers who secured the Aegis, Cheese and Refresher Shard.

Even though Signify still managed to put up a fight, Tigers eventually secured the game and the series victory using their economic advantage.

The Grand Finals of the COBX Masters 2019 will take place at 02:30 PM IST.


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