TI9’s prizepool surges past $27 Million after Valve releases Collector’s Cache Volume II

Vignesh Raghuram

13th, Jul, 2019

After leaving a bad taste in the mouth of Dota 2 fans throughout the world with the disappointing Wrath of Morokai Game Mode, Valve has decided to appease them all with the release of the Collector’s Cache Volume II.


Volume I has already brought a plethora of top-notch sets, and so does the second one. Most of these items are community submissions from the Dota 2 Workshop. From the 16 item sets included in the treasure, Nechrophos has a Rare set, while Ember Spirit has a Very Rare set drop and Juggernaut has the privilege of having the Ultra-rare quality.

Collector’s Cache Volume II featured heroes:
  • Drow Ranger

  • Warlock

  • Clockwerk

  • Shadow Fiend

  • Abaddon

  • Pudge

  • Bloodseeker

  • Broodmother

  • Pangolier

  • Wraith King

  • Tusk

  • Venomancer

  • Batrider

  • Necrophos

  • Ember Spirit

  • Juggernaut


Collector’s Cache Volume II can be purchased only by the 2019 Battle Pass owners for $2.49. There is no discount for buying more treasures at once, but purchasing 13 of those grants 32 Battle Levels. None of the sets included in the treasure are marketable except for the Ultra-rare Juggernaut set. 

With the release of the Collector’s Cache II, the International 9’s Prizepool also saw a spike which pushes it closer to the record $30 Million mark.