TI9 SEA Qualifiers Playoffs: Team Jinesbrus gets crushed 2-0 by Mineski in under an hour

Vignesh Raghuram

9th, Jul, 2019

Mineski are back? Their performance in the crucial playoff fixture against Team Jinesbrus certainly seems to suggest so.

They simply annihilated Gunnar, 23savage and the rest of the Koreans in dominant fashion, securing a 2-0 victory to book their place in the Winner Bracket finals inching them closer to a spot in TI9.

Mineski vs Team Jinesbrus


Game One featured a completely different Mineski, than what we saw earlier in the qualifiers, they were taking the better engagements and moving around the map in a smarter, more purposeful manner. Team Jinesbrus were helpless to stop Mineski as they took objective after objective, finally claiming the ancient at just 26 minutes.

Game two was another statement-making stomp from Mineski. They held Jinesbrus to only 6 kills as the Filipino side maintained the lead the entire game, absolutely crushing any every single fight Jinesbrus attempted. On top of this, Kam "Moon" Boon Seng turned up the heat on his Ember Spirit, sporting an 11-0-6 KDA ratio that is sure to have sent ramblings throughout the SEA qualifiers.

With this win, Mineski is just two series wins away from securing a berth at TI9. Meanwhile, Team Jinesbrus are left staring at elimination despite their incredible start to the Group Stages.

Mineski will be fighting the winner of the Team Amplfy/ Team Adroit game in the Winner Bracket Finals, while Team Jinesbrus will face the loser in an elimination match.