TI9 SEA Qualifiers Playoffs: Mineski inches away from final TI spot

Vignesh Raghuram

9th, Jul, 2019

After pushing Team Jinesbrus to the brink of elimination, Mineski took on Team Adroit in the Winner Bracket finals. Team Adroit defeated Mineski earlier in the Group Stages, which meant that Mineski was going to have to put their best foot forward in order to make it through to the Grand Finals.

Mineski vs Team Adroit


This series was a lot closer than we expected. Especially, considering the stomp we witnessed earlier today.

Team Adroit looked like they had Mineski’s number in Game 1 where they utilized their Alchemist to great effect and secured an easy 1-0 lead. However, Mineski turned it around in Game 2 with Moon stepping up once again and putting up a commanding performance on Lina. The 3rd Game saw Nikobaby pulling his own weight as he put up a game-winning performance on his Juggernaut to secure the win and move on to the Grand Finals.

Team Amplfy vs Team Jinesbrus


Luckily, Team Jinesbrus had a few moments to recover from the whomping they received from Mineski earlier today.

They looked calm and composed in Game 1, steadily growing their lead bit by bit. Team Amplfy who were focussing on shutting down Team Jinesbrus’ IO-Gyrocopter combo suddenly had a Bristleback problem to deal with, after Forev farmed up a storm. They simply lacked the damage to deal with the Bristleback and the Gyrocopter especially when they were backed up by a Kunkka and an IO and ended up rolling over to concede a 1-0 lead to Jinesbrus.

Fighting for their tournament lives, Team Amplfy started off Game 2 well. They managed to get a number of kills on Karl and Abat, and secured a 5k gold lead in just 12 minutes. But Gunnar went Super Saiyan on his signature Ember Spirit putting up an absurd 16/3/16 KDA, stalling out the game long enough for his other cores to come online and secured a 2-0 victory as a result.

Tomorrow we’ll finally find out who will be joining TNC Predator and Fnatic as the SEA representative at TI9. Mineski seems like the favourites at the moment, but considering today, anything can happen in the International 9 Qualifiers.