TI8 Group Stages Day 3: Who is eliminated?

Vignesh Raghuram

19o, Aug, 2018

Tense scenes cloud the final matches of Group A as Winstrike and Invictus Gaming will battle for a spot in the Main Event in a BO1. It all comes down to this for these two teams.


PSG.LGD vs Mineski


What was said to be SEA’s best hope, Mineski confirmed their spot in the lower brackets after a 2-0 loss to PSG.LGD in their final matchup. Game 1 saw the SEA squad take control of the game early on thanks to spectacular Pangolier play from iceiceice. They were unable to build on their advantage though and allowed LGD to come back to secure a relatively straightforward victory

Things did not change in Game 2. With a strong Lycan pick and performance, the Chinese squad closed out the series by relying on a classic 4-protect-1 strategy with high teamfight capabilities, which Mineski could not contest with thanks to their passive draft consisting of a Clockwerk offlane.


Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic:


Even though they ended up winning EG looked shaky throughout the entire series and their first draft wasn’t very confidence inspiring either. Fnatic was in control throughout most of the game and just as we have come to expect, they threw their advantage. The NA ended up taking home the game capitalizing on Fnatic’s mistake and going 1 up in the series.

Game 2 saw a dominating display from EG who ended up winning all 3 lanes in the early stages and snowballed to a massive gold lead. Even after a couple of botched teamfights by the NA squad, Fnatic just couldn't hit back and ended up conceding the game, marking their 4th loss at TI8’s group stages.





Team Liquid vs VGJ.Thunder


Team Liquid finished group A as the top seed and proved why. The sheer aggression the team displayed in both games was impressive to watch and VGJ.Thunder had absolutely no answer. Bordering on an hour of playtime, Team Liquid demolished the Chinese squad with a total kill score of 74 (1.08 kills per minute).



OG vs Winstrike


OG was the clear favorite going into this match. The European team has picked up their play after a relatively slow start to the group stage, securing a place in the Upper Brackets

While Winstrike desperately needed a win to force a tiebreaker match against IG to battle it out of elimination. Hence they became a force to be reckoned with, enough to make it difficult for them. And they did show up; with strong performances in games 1 and 2, OG had to fight and give it their all to come out with a tie.