TI8 Group stages Day 2: TNC Shock the world Again

Vignesh Raghuram

17th, Aug, 2018

We thought we’d see a decent glimpse of the playoff bracket by the series of matches. But, after these sets of action, the playoff picture is not much clearer. Here’s another update from the TI8 group stages


Newbee vs OpTic:: Dark Horses clash

A failed dive in the top lane gifted first blood to 33’s Mirana which tells the tale of the tape for Newbee in game one. The team attempted to be proactive and make plays but they failed to properly set up the situation and could not execute when it came down to it. OpTic was miles ahead and deservedly took the first game win.

In the second match, Pajkatt attempted to take control of the top side of the map, and he was successful in doing so. But the rest of the map belonged to Newbee initially with advantages in both mid and bot lane. However, OpTic found a way back into the game, with a few well timed ganks. Newbee just couldn’t match the temp set by OpTic no matter how hard they tried, and lost the series 0-2.



TNC Pro Team vs Virtus Pro: 


The first game started slow for VP with Armel dictating the Tempo and racing off to a massive lead, but VP exploded in the Mid game to grab multiple kills on Armel and secured several objectives putting a stop to TNC’s momentum. While TNC Predator was able to get a few kills and objectives post that, VP played a clean game to take the first win quickly and put themselves ahead in the series.

Once again TNC Predator kicked off the second game with some great plays from Raven and Sam_H. TNC took the lead, similar to the first game, but this time, they didn’t faltered it in the mid-game. While VP continued to put up a fight, TNC made some \game winning moves with their Vengeful Spirit Nether Swap into Mirana Arrow combo and eventually won the game to hand VP their 2nd loss in the tournament.



Pain Gaming vs Team Secret - Invoker pickers tie the series

Secret played out their 3rd draw of the group stages as did Pain Gaming but it was Invoker who was the real hero of the series. Ace was put on his signature Arc Warden and was able to keep a lot of attention on himself as Midone and FATA got good starts in their lane and were able to win the game for Secret. In game 2, w33 showed off his prowess on the Invoker with some incredible blind sun strikes that delay the drow lineup of Secret long enough for Pain to counter them. Early BKB’s on the Secret cores lost their value after the first few fights and they began to get heavily controlled by Invoker and Clockwerk. Valuable points for Pain Gaming who have been impressive but Secret have been less than impressive in the games that they have played.

VG vs Serenity - Chinese teams split points

VG used the popular Io+Gyrocopter combo to take a relatively comfortable win in game 1 of the series while Serenity took the win in game 2 off the back of a Tiny, Ember and PL. Both teams have not shown anything spectacular in the group stages and are struggling at the bottom half of the table. It’s been mostly draws for most Chinese teams and for a TI that China is supposed to win, but playoffs can be a whole different ball game.


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