TI8 Group stages Day 2: Punks satisfied

Vignesh Raghuram

17th, Aug, 2018

As EG held first place heading into the end of day 2’s game, they were ready to be put to the test against the superstar roster of LGD Gaming. It was a battle of the Eastern Favourites vs NA’s best hope.


Here is how the fourth set of matches went down:

Fnatic vs IG: Familiar FiftEE|FiftEE


A few small skirmishes with neither team coming out on top broke out until a five-on-five fight happened in the bot lane, which resulted in both teams trading evenly. The game was evenly poised until Fnatic found forced IG to take a poor teamfight, giving the SEA team the lead with a 1-0 scoreline.


Game 2 saw a slow early game, neither team took a clear lead over the other. As mid game came into play, Fnatic took a small lead that they began to grow. But questionable initiations and item decisions gave IG some hope. IG responded quickly and wiped Fnatic. Shortly after, the game broke out into teamfight after teamfight, with IG winning the majority of the fights. They forced Fnatic into one last fight, during which they cleaned up the game to even up the scoreline



EG vs PSG.LGD: EG establish themselves as one of the favourites


EG drafted Lich, and they made great use of him early game. With Arteezy’s spectre offering superior vision in teamfights, EG scouted out and hunted multiple members of LGD before the mid game started. This gave EG a gold lead and pressure on the map. Despite giving up a few kills, EG found advantageous trades to keep growing their lead and overwhelmed LGD to go one up.

EG had an amazing start to game two. Throughout the early to mid game, EG repeatedly collapsed on the players of LGD, which granted them a huge lead. Once the game started to head into 30-minute mark, LGD got picked off all over the map and handed EG the series

OG vs Mineski


OG were in complete control of game one. All three of OG’slanes were ahead, mainly due to an experimental draft by Mineski which included a Support Sniper.

Mineski looked to make their comeback in game two. Iceiceice had a phenomenal early game, keeping out OG from their base but great Item choices by Seb carried them to an easy victory


VGJ.Thunder vs Winstrike


VGJ.Thunder started this series with a dominant game one win. Yang destroyed Winstrike in the early game, finding kills all over the place. Throughout the entire early to mid game, VGJ.T didn’t let the Russians gain an inch. But VGJ.Thad trouble closing the game, which allowed Winstriketo come back a bit. But despite Iceberg’s effforts, Winstrike couldn’t make a game one comeback.

Game two started similarly to the game one, with VGJ.T gaining a huge lead. But unfortunately for them, like game one, they also allowed Winstrike an opening to come back mid way through the game. This time though, Winstrike squander this chance. And after 40 minutes of sloppy play, VGJ.T finally took down Winstrike’s throne to claim the series.



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