TI7- A Preview

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, Aug, 2017
The International 2017, The biggest tournament in Dota 2 history, is poised to be the largest esports event ever. A record-breaking $23+ million prize pool awaits, with the winning team due to walk away with over $10 million. An action packed group stage, where we had a lot of surprises and incredible games, is now over.
At the top of Group B  LGD Forever Young (LFY) were nearly undefeated at 14-2. They only started dropping games on their final day after their fate at the top of the group was determined.
In Group A, LGD-Gaming took a solid lead in the first few days, alongside their sister team in Group B, but unlike LFY, LGD started dropping games here and there to a few other teams after their initial undefeated start. This lead to Team Liquid snatching the coveted 1st place from them.
Given the format, two teams had to be sent home before the main event began. , Hellraisers, the European open qualifier team, couldn’t keep up their pre-TI momentum with a 1-15 finish in Group B. Meanwhile, SEA's very own Fnatic, struggled against many teams, ending up with a 2-14 final score.
Speaking of the SEA region, TNC Gaming has become the dark horse for the tournament after some fantastic performances in the group stages lead them to an Upper Bracket berth in the main event. Our other SEA team Execration also had a decent showing in the group stage finishing with a  5-11 record.
With some of the favorites like OG and Secret stumbling and now on the lower bracket being one loss away from elimination, and other teams like LFY and TNC Gaming stepping up and putting in spectacular performances. TI7’s main event is poised to be one of the most memorable tournaments of all time.


Format and Other Details of the Main Event:

The main event will be happening from August 7th to 12th, where the 16 teams will play in a double-elimination-style tournament with the top eight teams from the group stages starting in the upper bracket and the bottom eight starting in the lower bracket.
  • All the Upper Bracket matches will be BO3s. 
  • The 1st round of the Lower Bracket matches will be BO1 Knockouts. The rest of the lower bracket matches are BO3s. 
  • The Grand Finals will be a BO5 match.


Day 1: 7th August 2017
Team 1 Team 2 Round SGT IST CET
Liquid IG UB-QF1 01:00 22:30 19:00
Newbee EG UB-QF2 04:00 01:30 22:00
Secret Execration LB-1A 07:00 04:30 01:00
Cloud 9 Team Empire LB-1B 08:00 05:30 02:00
OG Infamous LB-1C 09:00 06:30 03:00
IG.V DC LB-1D 10:00 07:30 04:00
Day 2: 8th  August 2017
Team 1 Team 2 Round SGT IST CET
LFY TNC UB-QF3 01:00 22:30 19:00
LGD VP UB-QF4 04:00 01:30 22:00
Loser of UB-QF1 Winner of LB-1A LB-2A 07:00 04:30 01:00
Loser of UB-QF2 Winner of LB-1B LB-2B 10:00 07:30 04:00
Day 3: 9th August 2017
Team 1 Team 2 Round SGT IST CET
Loser of UB-QF3 Winner of LB-1C LB-2C 01:00 22:30 19:00
Loser of UB-QF4 Winner of LB-1D LB-2D 04:00 01:30 22:00
Winner of UB- QF1 Winner of UB- QF2 UB-SF1 07:00 04:30 01:00
Winner of UB- QF3 Winner of UB-QF4 UB-SF2 10:00 07:30 04:00

Day 4: 10th August 2017
Team 1 Team 2 Round SGT IST CET
Winner of LB-2A Winner of LB-2b LB-3A 01:00 22:30 19:00
Winner of LB-2C Winner of LB-2D LB-3B 04:00 01:30 22:00
Loser of UB-SF1 Winner of LB-3A LB-4A 07:00 04:30 01:00
Kaci? Slacks? All Star Match 10:00 07:30 04:00
Day 5: 11th August 2017
Team 1 Team 2 Round SGT IST CET
Loser of UB-SF2 Winner of LB-3B LB-4B 01:00 22:30 19:00
Winner of UB-SF1 Winner of UB-SF2 UBF 04:00 01:30 22:00
Winner of LB-4A Winner of LB-4B LB-5 07:00 04:30 01:00
Day 6: 12th August 2017
Team 1 Team 2 Round SGT IST CET
Loser of UBF Winner of LB-5 LBF 01:00 22:30 19:00
Winner of UBF Winner of LBF GF 04:00 01:30 22:00

Along the way, there will be a number of special events, including a cosplay contest, an all-star game and a number of interviews and features on the players will be featured on the main stage.
All this will be broadcast live, and for free, on both Twitch.TV and YouTube. Watch the YouTube stream HERE or catch the action live on Twitch below!


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