TI Kicks Off: Fnatic stomps Liquid with a 39-1 scoreline

Vignesh Raghuram

16o, Aug, 2018

Image Sourced from Fnatic

It’s finally off the ground… TI8 kicked off and it has already given us some great games with tons of upsets, highlight-worthy plays, and a few fails. Punks would surely be satisfied as EG became the only team to win both games in the first set of matches.

Here’s a short recap of the games so far to catch you up to speed.


Fnatic vs Team Liquid: Fnatic have a roller coaster ride against Team Liquid


Fnatic kicked off Game 1 with a bang as they found themselves with an early lead thanks to mid lane star Abed solo killing Matumbaman’s Broodmother and snowballing his team into an early lead. However, Fnatic ended up losing their advantage after a few bad teamfights. Post that, it was a back-and-forth matchup that came down to a base race when Miracle died without buyback. But Team Liquid ended up outsmarting Fnatic and winning Game 1.

In the second matchup between Fnatic and Liquid, the game was not even close. Frankly, Fnatic had their way with Team Liquid all game. The entire Fnatic squad did well, but the MVP of the game was DJ who made plays all over the map for Fnatic setting up several kills for Universe and Abed allowing them to snowball and easily close out the game 39-1.



Evil Geniuses vs VGJ.Thunder: Punks Satisfied

In the first match, Evil Geniuses took the win thanks to superior teamfighting and late-game decision-making. The game was in EG’s favor until around 35 minutes, when VGJ.Thunder took a great teamfight Teamwiping EG to instigate a comeback. But EG started out-farming and out-rotated VGJ.Thunder to convincingly closeout the game. The star of the game was EG safe laner Arteezy, who went 18/4/17 on Clinkz and secured the win with some key pickoffs.

The second game was much like the first, except Evil Geniuses did better. VGJ.Thunder showed some signs of their life, but they quickly fell back to their poor team-play and lost to EG in just 25 minutes. SumaiL was truly the King of rotations in this game, he found kills wherever he moved to. He was the MVP of this game.




OG Vs PSG.LGD: Chinese hopes dented by a resurgent OG

One of the heavy favorites for winning TI8, PSG.LGD suffered an early setback in the group stages as they only managed a tie against OG. The European team hasn’t had the best of seasons and came into TI with a revamped roster. But inspired play from Ana and Jerax in game 2 was crucial in getting them a crucial point in a crucial game that not many would have expected them to win. A concerning factor for OG however is the form of their midlaner, Topson who was shaky across the series. In game 1, PSG won all 3 lanes convincingly as Topson’s Skywrath suffered a heavy setback in front of Somnus’s Lina on the midlane. Tons of control and sustain allowed PSG to pressure OG repeatedly and the volatile line up featuring Skywrath, MK and Weaver were bursted down repeatedly. It was a quick and brutal 28 minute affair. In game 2, OG opted for a high control lineup featuring Earthshaker, Invoker and Silencer as much of their damage was Ana’s Morphling. Generally known to be a single target focused carry, Ana used Ame’s Gyrocopter to his advantage, mowing down LGD using the Flak Cannon. With Earthshaker’s being able to initiate multiple times courtesy of an Aghs pickup and the constant control provided by Topson’s Quas Wex Invoker, OG came out on top in teamfights and were able to take the win by 46 minutes. PSG.LGD made it uncomfortable for Notail and company but it was still a great result for the OG gang who haven’t looked like a championship winning side in a long time.

Invictus Gaming Vs Mineski: Evenly matched

Mineski came back from a game behind to tie the series in what seemed to be an evenly matched series for both teams. Game 1 saw iG sit on the back of Xxs’s Medusa as he farmed and carried them on their back in a 42 minute encounter. In game 2, Mineski outdrafted iG with the last pick Alchemist and while they suffered in the early game, the mid game saw them ramp up in terms of networth and experience. Invictus were forced to take expensive fights with buybacks that left them worse for the wear and incapable of defending highground.