TI 8 Group Stages Day 2: NA vs NA and China vs China clashes

Vignesh Raghuram

17o, Aug, 2018

Day 2 is finally off the ground and the trend of the unpredictable nature of the matches continued today as well. To find out the result of Today's 1st set of matches, as well as the other matches today had to offer, check out the recap below.


TNC Predator vs paiN Gaming: The battle of the unpredictables


paiN Gaming got off to a strong start in game one of this best-of-two. Outplaying TNC Predator in the early and mid game through a better draft and good rotations, paiN was able to continuously win in objective trades even though the SEA team had a Drow Ranger lineup. Through magic picks, TNC survived until the late game. But once paiN got their hands on Roshan, it was game over. Unable to defend against their Aegis, Cheese and Refresher Shard empowered opponents, TNC finally fell, giving paiN Gaming the game one win.

Game two was another convincing win, but this time for TNC. Finding picks across the map, Armel’s Templar Assassin created a ton of openings for his teammates in the early game. As the lane phase ended, TNC just overpowered paiN Gaming in teamfights through multiple pickoffs with the Lion and TA’s ultimates. So far ahead of the Brazillions, TNC easily closed out game two, taking the series.



Vici Gaming vs Newbee: VG strike back in the battle for Chinese supermacy


Vici Gaming seemingly won this series’ first game in the draft phase. Going all out on single target damage, Newbee was inevitably going to be outscaled by Paparazi’s Phantom Lancer, and that was exactly what happened. As the mid game hit, Newbee could barely damage VG. Paparazi was nay unkillable, tanking all of Newbee’s damage. Once they acquired both the Roshan and Cheese, Vici Gaming easily ended the game.

Newbee started off Game 2 playing very proactively. They carved out a lead for themselves through various roams and dives across the map. Newbee tried to use this momentum to take barracks and close down the match, but they were overpowered by Vici Gaming’s teamfighting. They found the Roshan, and finally took down Newbee’s base, thus securing their 1st win in this tournament.

Secret vs VP - Puppey’s draft salvages a draw for for Secret


Both teams had two very different drafts and styles in each game but as the dust settled the tie ended in a draw. In game 1, Ramzes got his hands on his infamous Broodmother and made enough space for both No[o]ne and 9Pasha to pick up damage items and go to town on the Secret heroes. An early Silver edge pickup on Tiny allowed VP to counter both DK and Bristleback as the DPC champions took a 33 minute victory. In game 2, Secret’s draft had the damage and the sustain to take constant fights and make risky plays as Ramzes’s Spectre struggled to come online. Puppey’s Tombstone caused havoc in teamfights as VP ran out of options and were forced to call the gg. Secret showed how strong they can be if they want to and Puppey’s drafting prowess was in full effect in game 2 but a tie doesn’t suit anyone in terms of leaderboard positioning.

OpTic Gaming vs VGJ.Storm - OpTic ride the Storm to take their first win at TI8
The NA showdown between ended in a draw as VGJ Storm’s win streak came to an end. In game 1, Yawar stepped up on his Mirana, taking over the early and mid game. After a point, Optic didn’t have the tools to deal with Resolution’s PL especially with a massive networth deficit and were forced to brute force fights with unfavourable results. Storm was patient and methodically carved out a win by 46 minutes.

CCnC won the midlane for the first time this TI playing a Medusa against a Zeus and 33’s Medusa also won his lane quite easily. All in all PPD’s draft allowed Optic to win all 3 lanes and come online much quicker than Storm. In teamfights, the threat of the Blackhole prevented Storm from positioning well, allowing Zai’s Tiny and Pajkatt’s Weaver to run down heroes and gain a massive lead for Optic. The game lasted 30 minutes but Optic never really looked in any danger as they became the first team to take a game off VGJ Storm in Group B.