Third DPC event of the season announced - The Bucharest Minor

Shounak Sengupta

23rd, Oct, 2018

The third event of the 10 scheduled DPC events have just been announced and it will be the Bucharest Minor. The event will take place in 2019 from January 9th to the 13th and will feature a prize pool of $ 300,000. It’s the second event to be taking place in Europe as the first DPC event of the season, the Dreamleague Minor will be held in Stockholm.

It is also the second event to be organized by PGL this season after the Kuala Lumpur Major in November. In the 2017-18 DPC Season, PGL organized the Bucharest Major which was won by Virtus.Pro, but this year it will be a Minor. They also organized the PGL Open Bucharest which was a Minor where Mineski came out on top. 

As with all Minors this season, the Bucharest Minor will be a 8 team event with the slots per region distributed as follows:

North America - 1

South America - 1

Europe - 2

China - 2

CIS - 1

South-East Asia - 1


The distribution of DPC points and prize money will be as follows:


1st - 120 points and $ 125,000

2nd - 100 points and $ 70,000

3rd - 90 points and $ 35,000

4th - 70 points and $ 25,000

5th/6th - 40 points $ 15,000

7th/8th - 20 points $ 7500


The qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor will take place in December from the 1st to the 5th. The Major along with which the Minor is paired is yet to be revealed. Since the event will be held in the PGL Studios, it is likely that it will be a closed event like the PGL Open Bucharest from last season. 

For more information, check the event website page


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