?The Yakshas open up a 15 point lead at the top of the table

Shounak Sengupta

11th, Feb, 2018
The Yakshas sealed their spot in the playoffs with a win over the Akramaks and opened up a 15 point lead over second placed Marksmen, who will be facing the Sherdils in a crucial encounter tonight.
The boys in green have looked like the best team especially in the second half of the group stages and they proved it once again in their 8th match of the season. They picked up their 7th win in Tekken and Real Cricket both to get an early 6 point lead over the Akramaks. Let’s see what happened in CS: GO and Dota 2.
Akramaks use their experience to take a comfortable win
The first half was back and forth right till the end. A single round differentiated the teams at the end of the half, but the Akramaks really came into their own on their T side. They took 6 consecutive rounds off the back of the pistol win and effectively put too much pressure on the Yakshas for them to make a comeback. As usual, both Manan and Mithil were on point on cbble as was Badman while impale’s solo efforts weren’t enough for the Yakshas to take the win.
Appa’s Arc Warden seals the Yodhas fate
The Yakshas bounced back with a win in Dota 2 and a dominant performance will go a long way in improving their morale. This is, however, the Akramak’s 6th loss in Dota 2 and their team has been struggling to say the least. The Yakshas started off strong, winning 2 out of 3 lanes. Even their mid laner, Appa who had a hard time against a Viper, managed to farm up a Midas on the Arc Warden and kept up in farm. Punk’s Lich and vP’s Sand King were instrumental in going from lane to lane to help out while the three cores stayed put in lane farming away.
The offlane BB also fed away quite a few kills to Acrid’s Razor and the Akramaks found themselves in a tough situation in the mid-game. They had little to no initiation and a very mediocre team fight, allowing the Yakshas to take very favourable engagements and complete map control. With map control and networth in their favour, the Yakshas cruised through the rest of the game, forcing out a gg by the 34-minute mark.
The Yakshas should be upbeat with qualification to the playoffs secured, but need to work harder in CS: GO where they have been lacking. On the other side, the Akramaks just have a 4 point lead over the Yodhas and will have to keep winning to stay 4th and secure their own spot. 


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