The truth about Valve’s '75% off' advertisement for the Battle Level Bundle

Vignesh Raghuram

29o, Jun, 2018

Most of you might have noticed that Valve just released the Battle Level and Immortal Treasure bundle, just in time to boost The International 8’s prize pool whose growth almost completely stagnated in comparison to last year.

Much like what Valve put out for last year's International Battle Pass, the bundle in question contains additional Battle Pass levels at a heavily discounted price. For $24.99, buyers of the bundle will receive 100 Battle Pass levels, and seven pieces each of the two Immortal treasures received so far.

But it has also brought in a few doubters who questioned Valve advertising The Battle Pass bundle as 75% off. The crux of their query was that

  • 5 BP levels cost $2.50

  • So the 100 BP levels this Battlepass offers would cost $50

  • Since the Bundle is $25 on the Market and it is advertised as 75% off. The value of the 14 treasures must be $50.

  • So Valve has decided that each treasure is worth $3.57

  • While $3.57 per treasure seems like a fair value, where was this number pulled from?

  • Valve needs to provide some sort of validation for this number.


This lead to some reddit users speculating that Valve broke some consumer law and that they will be forced to pay fines or will be sued just like they were forced to in Australia.

However, popular community representative Wykrhm Reddy posted an explanation on Twitter, showing us the calculation that Valve might have used to arrive at that ~75% discount.

But some Reddit users have pointed out that for $100, you would have 240 levels. And with 240 levels, you would have 24 treasures, and be 240 levels further along. However what you are receiving with the bundle are 100 levels and 24 treasures. So, players are missing out on 140 levels worth of stuff that aren't treasures.

Which could mean that players are not really getting 75% off.


While the argument about whether Valve has falsely advertised the Battle Pass Bundle can be debated upon endlessly. The fact is that the Weekend Bundle sales will come to a close on July 2nd and we have to say that it is super-value, so open up your wallet and spend some money to boost up TI8’s pprize pool!